‘My Mind & Me’ opens conversation around mental health

Selena Gomez released her new photo My mind and me Documentary on November 22, available on Apple TV+ and in select theaters. The blockbuster film details Selena’s upbringing, her star career, and her mental struggles within the industry.

The film follows Gomez’s life over the past six years, charting her struggles with a diagnosis of lupus and bipolar disorder, and navigating a kidney transplant in 2017. It depicts intimate scenes in which her conditions affect her mental health and her interactions with loved ones. Of which.

It offers audiences an in-depth look at not only Gomez’s personal life, but the darker sides of the entertainment industry that don’t always keep her in the spotlight, such as the pressures artists face to be successful.

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Most importantly, the documentary highlights the pervasive nature of mental health in our society – one that does not discriminate on the basis of status or wealth. Selena Gomez is one of the biggest, richest, and most followed celebrities in the world, but that doesn’t save her from the struggles that many people around the world face.

My mind and me It debunks the myth that having money and fame means you have a full life.

The film is filled with difficult and painful moments, such as scenes of Gomez entering treatment facilities and clips of her manic episodes after performances.

Its transparency and vulnerability help spark conversations around the world about mental health. Gomez’s openness about her mental health is crucial given the stigma surrounding mental health. Mental health is still a very taboo topic, even though millions of people in the world struggle with it.

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We often put celebrities on a pedestal — someone who sees them as flawed. The documentary deconstructs this rule by showing how the rich and famous, like Selena Gomez, struggle with their mental health, too.

This sheds light on the prevalence of these difficulties and helps normalize the conversation around mental health. If we can see someone living a life of stardom and luxury facing the same challenges we do, we can feel less stigma when discussing our personal struggles.

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It was an act of courage for Gomez to share her story. She told interviewers that she was about to pull the plug for this right before he was released, but her strength in releasing him into the world regardless was a powerful move.

Indeed, expressing the truth is not easy, especially for celebrities who have a platform and an audience that is constantly watching them. For this reason, not every famous person chooses to speak out, but when they do, it’s an act of courage that benefits society as a whole.

Other celebrities should take note of Gomez’s bravery and come up with their stories, too — if they’re comfortable doing so. Their suspension has the most impact given the rule we give them. Their words can move mountains.


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