Music and mateship the best medicine

Music and mateship the best medicine

Career-long friends and country music stars Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole consider themselves somewhere in between siblings and tour partners.

The combination makes for “madness and chaos” on stage, behind-the-scenes bickering and lots of laughter, the pair say.

“I had a baby on the road backstage and Adam would help take care of him. That baby is almost 24, so that’s how long it has been,” Cole told AAP.

“The friendship was quite direct. We are now doubting each other, finishing each other’s sentences. It is a friendship that comes from good and bad times.

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“Adam’s wife – who I am also good friends with – calls me the road woman.”

The pair have recorded albums together, toured 13 times nationally, and have continued to cross paths on the country music circuit for nearly their entire careers.

“We’ve been to the pharmacy for each other – that’s how close we are,” Cole laughs.

The bond forged between them has been invaluable to both of them, but never more so than when Cole was going through a rough time in her personal life recently.

Struggling through a painful divorce and a diagnosis of adjustment trauma, the 49-year-old suffered.

“It was a very difficult time to go on. I lost my will, I will be honest with you,” she says.

“Adam often checked on me as a friend. The focus this week is on ‘Are you okay?’ – and that’s what he constantly asked me.”

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Initially, Cole couldn’t even get on the phone and the messages would be passed on through her family. Finally the couple spoke.

“He said ‘what can I do?’, and I said, ‘if I get through this, you can tour with me, because that’s my happy place’.”

Cole’s wish came true: she and Harvey will embark on their 50-date national tour this weekend to coincide with the release of their album Great Country Songbook Vol. 3.

Harvey says he jumped at the chance to work with Cole knowing that being on stage would be the ultimate medicine for his old friend.

“I knew if she could just get on stage and let her audience share the love and support they have for her, I knew it would be a pretty big step forward for Bec’s mental health,” he says.

“When you really see one of your best friends in a really dark place, and you see them again and they just shine… it’s so good to see.

“I think Beccy Cole is the best live entertainer I’ve ever seen and to work with her, honestly, it’s just magical to be on stage.”

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Their relationship comes with quite a bit of bickering, but the duo say they are just as fiercely protective as a brother and a sister.

“Nobody dares say anything to me about Adam Harvey because I’m going to them,” Cole says, adding that her 2022 is going to be much better than it started, thanks in no small part to her boyfriend.

“Adam orchestrated all year. I got the band together, organized the album and the whole tour. All I have to do is show up and sing. That’s a friend. I’m very blessed.

“I’ve found the humor in everything again and I found my reason for being on the podium and I absolutely love it.

“And I couldn’t do it this early without my friend by my side — that’s what it’s all about.”

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