Mother of boy who died after she turned asthma inhaler into crack pipe said he should never have been left with her

However, that was not her position at the time, when agencies supported her. The night Hakeem died, Heath had told police she had smoked three bags of heroin — two before her son went to bed at 10:30 p.m. and one afterward — leaving her in a drug-induced sleep.

Heath had also admitted four child abuse cases before trial, including failing to provide proper medical supervision and exposing Hakeem to asthma triggers: including heroin, crack and cigarettes. She also converted her son’s asthma inhalers into pipes to smoke drugs.

During her trial, the jurors learned that education, health and social workers had voted to act to protect Hakeem at a child protection conference. However, the meeting had ended with an agreement that the family’s social worker would speak to Heath about the outcome of the meeting – by then, just two days later, Hakeem was dead.

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Warning from school nurse

In her testimony, Melanie Richards, the nurse at Nechells Primary School, said she told Hakeem’s meeting “could die of asthma over the weekend”, scoring his safety as “zero” out of 10.

Hakeem’s father – who attended much of the trial – was in prison for an unrelated offense at the time of the boy’s death, and Heath had previously cared for other children.

The SCR, published by Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership (BSCP), said that in the months leading up to Hakeem’s death, Heath was “volatile”, “difficult to identify” and lied to his school and social services, involving some professionals with intimidated her. behaviour.

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Those who had worked with her described her as “difficult, defiant, rude, rampaging, abusive (verbal or via text) and demanding, she was also intelligent, articulate and when she wasn’t high on drugs, bright”.

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