Mobile phone users can earn up to £250 by switching to this provider

The mobile network provider has created an offer where customers can get up to £250 cashback if they move in before July 7.

Three Mobile is offering the cash incentive on select phone and SIM-only plans.

The type of deal you have with Three will affect the amount of cashback you receive.

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It’s proportional to the type of device you get, as well as the data plan you’ll be using, up to a maximum of £250.

What are the deals?

With the following devices, you’ll get £250 off if you switch to an unlimited data deal, £200 off 100GB, £100 off 30GB or £75 off 12GB:

For the following phones, you’ll get £200 for unlimited data, 100GB, £100 for 30GB, or £75 for 12GB:

Those who take the offer and switch to Three will get cashback with a prepaid Mastercard.

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However, be wary of any contract prices after you make the switch, for example an Apple iPhone 13 on Three with unlimited data costs £50 upfront, then £52 per month for 24 months.

Or iPhone 13 with O2 and 250GB of data costs £50 up front and £40 a month for 24 months.

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what was said

Andy Foy, Marketing Director at Three UK, said: “With record high energy price caps and many other high household bills, we want to give something back to customers so they can save money in other areas of their lives.

“By making sure that switching to Three provides amazing value and is as simple as sending a text, we hope to help people where we can during these difficult times.”

Visit Three’s website for more information on its Switch offering.

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