Michelle Mone clapped for the NHS while allegedly lobbying for PPE deals worth £200million

PPE class Baroness Michelle Moon has posted weekly videos applauding in favor of the NHS while allegedly offering to provide face masks across the ‘Tory corridor’.

Leaked documents suggest an offshore trust linked to Baroness Moon received £29m which appears to have originated as profits from more than £200m in PPE deals it promoted through the government’s VIP pass, according to The Guardian.

HSBC bank documents leaked to the newspaper purportedly show that £65m of profits from the PPE deal were paid into a fund that benefited Moon’s husband Doug Barrowman in September 2020.

It is then alleged that £45.8m was transferred from The Warren Trust to Barrowman’s personal bank account, before £28.8m was transferred in October 2020 to a second trust called the Keristal Trust, which is alleged to benefit Mone and her children.

Under the hashtag “#thankyounhs,” Mone posted applause videos weekly on Instagram through April and May 2020 saying, “Thank you for everything you have done and are doing in this time to keep us all safe.”

Michelle Moon and partner Doug Barrowman applaud caregivers in an Instagram video posted May 21, 2020

At the same time, Muni has been lobbying the government over personal protective equipment deals, which she failed to make public on the House of Lords interest register.

Her lawyer insisted it was because “she did not benefit financially and was not associated with Medpro PPE in any capacity”.

The leaks revealed that the Keristal Trust’s bank account was opened in May 2020, at the height of the first lockdown, while the couple joined millions more for the NHS every Thursday.

In the same month, Mona told then Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove that she could help with the PPE crisis facing the NHS.

Michelle Moon and her partner clap again for healthcare workers in 2020
Michelle Moon and her partner clap again for healthcare workers in 2020

Gove, who is now the senior level secretary, told Sky News yesterday that he had passed on her contact details “as I have done with a lot of people”.

One of the videos, posted on May 7, shows the couple in front of their nine-bedroom Isle of Man Barrowman mansion. The next day, Moon contacted his Tory colleague Theodore Agnew, the minister responsible for procurement, via private email, copied at Gove.

It offered to supply large quantities of face masks with PPE, saying it could be obtained through “my team in Hong Kong”.

Four days later on 12 May, Anthony Page, who was secretary to MGM Media subsidiary Mone, which runs its ‘brand’, helped set up PPE Medpro Limited, the company that will go on to win £203m of Covid contracts for face masks and gowns.

The same day was International Nurses Day and Mone posted on Instagram: “I just want to thank each and every one of you who have served the NHS past and present, you are all doing an amazing job. Thank you.”

On May 28, Mone posted a video of the final applause and wrote: “Although this is our last Thursday night applause for the NHS I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we will never forget how far you and all our key workers went Borders to make sure our country survives.”

In one of the posts, Mona said "I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we will never forget how you and all of our key workers went above and beyond to make sure our country kept going.
In a post, Mooney said, “I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we will never forget how you and all our key workers have gone above and beyond to make sure our country continues on its march.”

By the end of June, Medpro PPE had been awarded two MOH contracts.

The leaked WhatsApp messages allegedly show Mone responding to questions from someone in the supply chain asking about surgical gown sizes: “We are about to take off on the plane. Sizes are in order.”

We are waiting for the administrator [purchase order], this day must come. Mona’s lawyers later said she could not comment on the “unknown and unattributable WhatsApp messages”.

In October 2020, our sister paper The Mirror first exposed the links between Mone and PPE Medpro.

Her office said: “Baroness Mooney has no comment as she has no role or involvement in Medpro PPE. Mr. Barrowman is also not involved in PPE Medpro and is not a director or shareholder.”

She provided a quote from Mone, saying: “Well done to Medpro PPE in providing vital equipment to the NHS to fight this horrific virus!”

The National Crime Agency is investigating the Medpro PPE deal and in April raided the Man’s Isle of Man mansion and other properties, including their London home.

Asked about recent allegations about payments to her and Barrowman, Mone’s lawyer told The Guardian: “There are a number of reasons why our client cannot comment on these cases and she is under no obligation to do so.”

The newspaper was told, “There is a great deal of inaccuracy in portraying the alleged ‘facts’ and a number of them are completely wrong.”

Moon faces a separate investigation by the Lords Commissioner for Standards into whether she breached the Code of Conduct by failing to register an interest in the company and pressuring it into government contracts. It denies any wrongdoing.

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner told the House of Commons yesterday that the profits were “made possible by the company’s personal relationships with Tory ministers and Tory VIPs”.

Health Minister Neil O’Brien said only 10 per cent of VIP lane shows were successful.

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