Matt Hancock reaches final five as Chris Moyles ejected

“I get that Matt Hancock is more famous than I am. What’s going on with the Beagies? Why am I out and he’s still in?” The deputy beats DJ as Chris Moyles becomes the last camp mate due to his jungle march orders. Against all odds, former health minister Hancock made it to the final five of the I’m a celebrity get me out of here! (ITV). He may have lost the Tory whip but at this rate, he will return to Westminster triumphantly with Summer, many famous friends and a whole new fanbase.

While the politician held his seat in the camp, the Radio X announcer left Moyles in a cloud of sparkling confetti, light bitterness and silver straw. He could never bring himself to call a fellow contestant anything friendlier than “Matt Hancock” (full name each time) but now he has to swallow being outdone. At least Moyles was feeling a bit rough in the bush. He told hosts Ant and December that “I can’t lie, I’m done. I just realized I’m an anxious, scared guy who only feels comfortable in a radio studio.”

Jock Moyles has proven himself to be a stickler. He rarely seemed to enjoy himself, and then it was hard to get warm. His rigid wit was lost in the bustle. The 48-year-old’s dramatic weight loss caused a double whammy when he first hit the screen, but since then, he’s been as gray as his locks. At least he was self-aware enough to call himself “thin but still annoying.”

Before landing in Australia, Moyles vowed to be the “artist” in residence. He’s featured less Mr. Saturday Knight, more Mr. Drizzly Tuesday. He was famous for his opinion on the radio, but he seemed to bite his tongue for television, except that he was alive only in the exit interview. He shows his playground-style genius when Boy George becomes friends with Shane Walsh, his jealous insecurities under the hype.

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