Man phones POLICE as drivers blast their horns during ‘four hour wait’ to leave city centre car park

Drivers were left trapped inside an Arndale car park for nearly four hours on Saturday – and called on officials to radically rethink the roads in the area.

Many visitors to Manchester city center say they were stuck in their cars trying to leave the 12th floor car park for hours late Saturday afternoon (November 19). Many people flocked to Manchester for the Christmas markets and the Rugby World Cup Final, which resulted in congestion on the roads.

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The longest waiting period Manchester Evening News He knows he is in the Arndale car park three hours and 45 minutes away. Other drivers said they waited more than three hours. This has led to a wave of complaints that the exits giving way to the car park to the street below are not sufficient to allow motorists to leave the multi-storey building.

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“I was stuck for three hours and 45 minutes,” Gulshan Blanton said. men . “I don’t think it was the worst of all. It was so ridiculous.

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“We just went to the Christmas markets. We came from Winsford, and it was just crazy. I don’t think I’ll be back this side of Christmas. It wasn’t a good experience at all. About two and a half hours later, people started honking their horns which didn’t Be nice.”

Another driver, who was visiting from Worsley in Salford, had two young children in the car with him. The father, who asked not to be named, said: “My daughter had a children’s birthday party in the city centre. We got back to the car at around 4.45pm.

“Then we went to drive and came up about 10 yards and we were in line. We were on level 12 – you sit there for 10 minutes and you think it shouldn’t take that long. The time was ticking and then it was about 7.10pm when we got to level 11 – so It took two and a half hours to go down one level.”

Long line of cars waiting to leave

He was stuck for three hours and 20 minutes, but said the experience was “extremely uncomfortable.” He continued, “I ended up calling the police to ask if there was a problem and to share information that there were over 400 people trying to get out. People started abandoning their cars in line to get food.

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“People were screaming and swearing, and everything sank into chaos. The horns were blaring. I couldn’t leave the car because the kids were going to be on their own and they were too young to do that.”

“I didn’t want to leave all together [with the children] Because then I would be the one blocking traffic. It became very uncomfortable.”

Driver has now called on TfGM and Manchester City Council to re-examine how traffic is controlled at peak times. He explained: “They need to look at the sequence of traffic lights on traffic lights and the flow of traffic [out of the car park]. They have data on times out so there is no reason not to change the lights.

One user has called for parking fines for those caught in the mess to be scrapped

“I will never use this parking lot again. It sucks. They have a duty of care. It’s such a simple thing. They know there’s a problem, the men I reported it a year ago. They can do something about it.

“The advertisement you’re creating for people outside the city is appalling. It’s actually great advertising for the Trafford Centre. Nobody should be paying for the privilege, they should be monitoring it and if there is a problem – what measures are needed to help?”

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) says it is “adjusting” the timing of traffic lights to aid flow when the city center is busy, but has also implored visitors to make their way into the city using public transport.

In response to the concerns, TfGM said it was “monitoring traffic” over the weekend, and made “adjustments to help with traffic flows where we can”. The organisation’s head of highways, Peter Bolton, also advised visitors to plan ahead.

In a statement, he said: “Manchester is a top destination and with a number of events and Christmas markets adding to the usual retail and entertainment offerings, recent weekends have seen an increase in numbers of people traveling to the city center by both car and public transport.

It took hours for people to leave the parking lot

“We encourage anyone coming to Manchester to think about how they will get in, around and out of the city and to plan their trip in advance, avoiding the busiest times and routes where possible.”

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council which owns and operates the car park said: “The council sympathizes with drivers who were caught up in a jam while trying to leave the car park, however, the circumstances causing the delay were beyond the council’s control, so tickets purchased will remain valid.

“If a driver has been issued a PIN as a result of congestion while exiting the car park, they will be able to appeal the notice in line with council policy.”

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