M-Pesa launches M-Pesa Rallonge in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Vodacash has launched its new M-Pesa Rallonge service in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to allow customers to access financial assistance from their phones.

M-Pesa Rallonge is a new service dedicated to M-Pesa users with zero or insufficient balances. Users will be able to avail the new service to get an instant overdraft and top up their balance to make a transaction, such as; Send money without feeling withdrawn, buy credit, buy packages, buy products, subscription services and more.

Hashem Mukodi, Managing Director, Vodacash, said: “M-Pesa continues to provide DRC with solutions that can benefit the population and advance digital and financial inclusion. Together, we can drive economic development and provide services to those in rural and remote areas who need the most access to financial services.”

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Customers with an active Premium Account who conduct regular transactions via M-Pesa will be eligible to get the offer.

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