Losing their ‘laptop gurus’ hints at deeper problems at Liverpool…

First Michael Edwards and now Julian Ward? The PO believes trouble is afoot in Liverpool. Also: Wells is a bit sh*t; And early shouts of the post-World Cup movement.

Watch England tonight and get your thoughts [email protected]

Fear for Liverpool
So Julian Ward has now left Liverpool?

This is a bigger loss than people realise. Like it or not, the modern game runs on data science. He directs field tactics, team selection, transfer decisions – everything. Liverpool was widely seen as having the best data science team in world football. Michael Edwards was the architect of their current format and his departure in the summer was a fatal blow. Now his replacement has resigned after only months? Something is not right at Anfield.

If you’re looking for reasons why Liverpool won’t repeat last season’s form, start here…

Ta Ra, Wales
I’m English, so maybe I don’t understand romance, but Wells is a bit sh*t it isn’t?

I’m glad they are likely to be fired. They are just missing out on a place in the World Cup. Just because they are there, doesn’t make them one of the 32 best players in the world. Italia? Norway?

They don’t have one decent player and they don’t say Gareth Bale does everything except score a penalty. He is no longer a superstar, he is like Ronaldo, past his best. With the likes of Moore up front, they have almost no chance of scoring a goal.

They are a poor team, they got lucky in the World Cup, and they won’t miss it from a football perspective. And the Iranian team deserved to beat them, considering England beat Iran 6-2!

I don’t know why I’m so upset, I’m not Welsh. But I see all this “love” for Wales as the brave underdogs, but they’re in this position because they’re generally rubbish. Today, they got exactly what they deserved.
Stu, English Gooner in France (we’re now expecting Karma to deliver a Gareth Bale hat-trick against England to redeem us after losing to the USA – it’s a funny old game).

… Watching the subtle end of Wales against Iran in action and seeing the thunderbolt in the 98th minute to seal victory for a nation I have a tremendous amount of love for (as covered in an earlier mailbox). Lord I love the World Cup. (Sorry Wells).
Mike, LFC, London

Play to move
We have completed the first wave of group stage matches in the 2022 World Cup, and by the time you read this post we will be in the second wave, so which players have distinguished themselves so far and could be eligible for the World Cup in January?

The next Alexandre Golovin or Gilberto Silva are waiting to sign, and my early shout out would be Saudi Arabia goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais or powerful Tunisian midfielder Aissa Ledouni.
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod

No knowledge of the play
Hmm, so/every two years (many of my husbands resent.. hate maybe) my house is festooned with flags from every window, wall, fence, tree avenue! (This makes it look more amazing than a 3 bed half of it)
My car has more flags on it than an American football field during foul play! (19 on the car – there are decals on all the doors and hood too, pic attached, not sure if you are allowed to show it)

The Village Sports Club goes to extremes with its outdoor marquee and extra TV to make sure everyone can watch the football, pizza vans and burgers arrive and the place buzzes! People are everywhere, flocking onto the cricket/football field at halftime to re-enact goals or just make room for a beer and siggy..
Be it the World Cup or the Euros, every England match is always packed (at least)

However……. This World Cup has not seen a single flag for a single car, not only in my house or in my village but anywhere.. I have not seen anyone participate as they usually do.

The pub is dead. The gym didn’t even care about an outside flag this year..and didn’t even bother with the marquee..and I don’t think it’s all about people’s morals, virtue signals, or the whole village is an “Alphabet Mafia” (I checked out all my LGBTQ+ friends and that’s what they call themselves I am allowed..)

For me, Clive, it’s all about being there in the winter!

shit weather..! Its winter… (in Europe)
People don’t go out to sit in beer gardens and marquees and meet other people they don’t know and have a bloody good time.
It’s cold, damp, dark and a little dingy really

So I blame FIFA (obviously) for agreeing to change it to a European winter event.. because it’s just crap really compared to a ‘normal’ year

Nobody seemed to get half this year upset or excited, which is a real shame in my opinion

Maybe the southern hemisphere is over the moon because it’s summer for a change?

Common Wales today – If we beat USA tomorrow (and Wales don’t screw it up against Iran), we can have one undisputed win over Wales on Tuesday and we can go through..

Fingers crossed
Al-LFC and England always

hairy feat
Alisson Becker was perfectly clean-shaven 12 days before the Brazil game last night. 12 days to grow a full old prospector mustache is really impressive.

Can any mailbox beat this feat?
SC, Belfast (Don’t get me started on how fast Roy Keane is growing his beard)

Just like watching Brazil
Well, well, England won their opener against “only” Iran. I know it’s only natural that tabloids get into the 1966 parallels. But, think about it…Tottenham’s top player (well, Greaves didn’t play in the final), West Ham, Man Utd, etc represented throughout the starting lineup…holy cow, Brazil looks good, right?
Simon, Norf London Jr

boycotted or not
People sure get bored about interrupting others for something they like, right?

Personally, I don’t boycott the World Cup, but I appreciate the emails from people because it’s interesting for me to hear other people’s different opinions on the subject and how they came to their decision. It is not a personal attack.
Amr, Irish Gooner (Just wait for a vegan boycott to write in and then people really lose their heads)

super ally
Sorry I do not agree with Post this morning on Super Ally.
I am delighted to have him in common contacts in every game alongside John Champion. The best double commentary in the World Cup!


Leeds in the World Cup
Harvey goalkeeper 1974
RB – Gary Kelly 2002
CB – Jack Charlton – 1966
CB – Lucas Radebe – 2002
CB – Ruy Marquez – 2006
LB – Terry Cooper 1970
RM – Peter Lorimer – 1974
Sesame Street – Billy Bremner (c) – 1974
Norman Hunter – 1970
ST – Joe Jordan – 1974
San – Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 1998

A smooth 5-3-2 on defense and 3-5-2 on offense with Gary Kelly and Terry Cooper flying the wings.
A bit light in midfield but with Bailey playing like two players he would have cut down most attacks and I’m still not convinced by Adams and Aronson (and he wanted to outpace Roy Marquez in some way).
In the team are Alan Clark, Danny Mills, Frank Gray, Gunnar Hull, Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Fowler, Ian Hart, Eddie Lewis, Pontus Jansson, Tyler Adams, Brendan Aronson, Dan James
Less than two goalkeepers and he couldn’t count Nigel Martin because he never played, he was just in the team, and Mesler will have to wait until next time maybe.
Steve – Leeds since 1970 in case you didn’t guess

Mailbox Memories
ad – Since the old ones are now so old, it’s sometimes comforting to see a mail message pop up so we know they’re still alive.

So I start with

In the net:

Jim French (Tottenham since 1957) Who could be our biggest shareholder?

If I mention Stewie, and his comforting honesty, it seems only fair to mention Arsenal’s most sensible and interesting shareholders from back in the day

Adonis Stephenson

Will O’D (good twitter follow @CartoonBouldy)

Caroline South London Jr

Who makes my back 3.

2 solid defensive midfielders

Connor Byrne

Ed Koth

Flair added to the top

Biggest fan of Alan Smith

Alex Stokoe

Silvio Dante

And in the central role of Wayne Rooney, understudy account Wayne Rooney F365
Jay Shrimpton

Eleventh is very sane and friendly..
Jeremy Avis

… I was going to write angrily for not making AD All Time Mailbox XI, but then two things happened:

I saw Connor Byrne’s name and smiled immediately.

I realized I had never been at this level of company.

Come to us, old darlings – we miss you.
Aidan, EFC, London

Read more: Iran only? It’s Cymru’s house without another Bill coming out for grieving Wells

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