Knee-high Spatz overshoes, Rapha’s new do-it-all winter jersey, a versatile Topeak pump and Apidura’s Backcountry frame pack

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And to dust off your winter ensemble. With a month until December 25th (can we say the C-word?), and 2023 looming on the horizon, there’s a winter theme for this week’s First Look Friday.

As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just ill-fitting clothing, and here we have the Rapha design for a winter jersey, plus some unique overshoes from British brand Spatz, designed to provide impenetrable protection.

Changing things up, we then have a pump that can do the job with the over-sized tires and high-pressure shocks, for those of you who love your car’s supple tires and supple suspension, before taking a look at the heavy-duty Apidura tire package.

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What other delights did we bring you on BikeRadar this week? Well, for starters, the Specialized Aethos DIY fixed gear shift is undoubtedly one of the coolest bikes we’ve seen this year.

Meanwhile, Silca’s new $165 Hot Wax X Series wax is probably one of the most expensive products of 2022 by watt-per-pound savings.

Elsewhere, our digital writer, Jack Evans, continued his mission to keep you comfortable on the bike with tips on how to prevent neck pain from cycling.

For reviews, we handed out judgments on four big bikes: Canyon Endurace AL 7, Scott Addict 30, GT Grade Power Series AMP, and Orbea Onna.

Now to the first look on Friday…

Rapha Brevet Men’s Gore-Tex Infinium Insulated Tee

New from Rapha, the men’s Brevet Insulated Gore-Tex Infinium Shirt.
Kaden Gardener/Our Media

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This is Rapha’s latest version to use Gore-Tex’s Infinium fabric, following on from the Rapha Trail Gore-Tex Infinium jacket we featured on First Look Friday at the beginning of the month.

While the Trail is a solid mountain bike jacket, this jersey—a new addition to Rapha’s Brevet apparel collection—is a soft piece, said to be “breathable, completely windproof, and waterproof for optimal protection from the elements all day long.”

This is Rapha’s latest piece that uses Gore-Tex Infinium fabric.
Kaden Gardener/Our Media

Is this Rapha’s answer to the Castelli Perfetto, as a shirt for the changing weather conditions so many of us face during the winter?

Aside from the Infinium fabric, the shirt features a lightweight waffle-knit lining for insulation, features a full-length zip and stand-up collar, and has taped seams in the areas you’re most likely to see water enter.

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As is common with Rapha’s Brevet collection, there is a great deal of reflective detailing, with two horizontal stripes across the chest and back, as well as additional detailing on the sleeves and back.

You’ll also find five pockets in total, with three open pockets in the back and two zip pockets in the front.

It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, in six sizes and three colors: high-visibility navy/pink, red/dark red and (men’s only) a signature light grey/lilac.

Spatz ‘Roadman 3’ overshoes

Ah, the delights of winter riding!
Kaden Gardener/Our Media

Keeping your feet warm and dry during the winter is a challenge for any runner, and if you want to take a strap-and-braces style into your wardrobe, these overshoes from Spatz could be the answer.

Spatz is the brainchild of former pro cyclist Tom Barras, who needed a solution to keep him comfortable through the winter.

The Rodman 3 Spatz gaiter extends to approximately the knee.
Kaden Gardener/Our Media

There are now five overshoes in the Spatz collection, including the Legalz, with a shorter design to keep the big guys in the UCI happy, and these, Spatz Roadman 3 Super-Thermo Hi-Viz Reflective Overhoes with Kevlar (to give them the full name).

The gaiter is made of water-repellent neoprene, with a hydrophobic outer layer. The seams are heat welded and taped, Spatz says, and there’s a liquid sealant gripper on the top and bottom.

Velcro keeps things secure. Note the reinforced toe area, too.
Kaden Gardener/Our Media

There’s also a thermal lining for shin protection and Kevlar around the toe box. I’m sure you didn’t miss all the reflective and fluorescent details either.

It’s not cheap, at £94.99, how effective is it for winter riding? Find our full review.

Topeak Mountain 2Stage Digital Pump

The Topeak Mountain 2Stage Digital Pump can inflate tires and shocks in one handy package.
Tom Marvin/OurMedia

We (almost) all (almost) always carry a tire pump with us when we ride our mountain and gravel bikes, but rarely do we carry a shock pump (unless we delve into technical fork testing or shock testing).

However, we were definitely left shortly before the deflated or deflationary shock really put a damper (geddit?) on the ride.

This pump from Topeak is one of the first we’ve seen that combines an oversized tire pump with a high-pressure shock pump, and it leaves us wondering why no one else has done this.

Could this be the one pump that rules them all?
Tom Marvin/OurMedia

As such, they’re perfect for mountain bikers (and with more and more gravel suspension forks on the market, gravel riders) who might want to adjust their ride on the trail, or just get off a slightly sag problem while out and about.

The pump is 26cm long, weighs just over 200g, and has a digital display for clear readability, as well as a hinged braided hose.

This should help you get into awkwardly reached areas of the bike, and separate the pump action from the valve stem.

A dial at the bottom of the pump switches its mode from high volume (HV) to high pressure (HP). The bleeder valve at the top enables you to release the pressure, if needed.

The solenoid valve head works on both Schrader valves (on shocks and forks) and Presta (usually on tyres). Rated up to 300psi.

  • £94.99 / €99.95 / $125

Apidura Backcountry Frame Pack 1l

The Apidura Backcountry Frame Pack 1l has one liter of onboard storage.
Tom Marvin/OurMedia

As more and more mountain bikers abandon backpacks in favor of less sweaty and less restrictive options, there are now a slew of tool-carrying accessories on the market, from stocking bibs to backpacks, saddlebags and frame packs.

The Apidura 1-Liter Frame Bag was designed with mountain bikers in mind, with durable 420D nylon material and a shape designed to precisely adapt at the head tube/down tube junction.

The straps—two on top, plus the downtube strap—have multiple mounting points, so the pack can be mounted in two directions to better fit your frame dimensions. Mirrored zippers on either side ensure easy access, too.

Strap locations can be adjusted to ensure the pack can easily fit your frame.
Tom Marvin/OurMedia

The material of the bag is waterproof, as are the zippers. Taped seams complete the waterproofing picture.

Inside, there is a rubber ring, into which larger items can be compressed to prevent them from vibrating.

An elastic band inside the pack helps keep items secure.
Tom Marvin/OurMedia

Do you want to go riding at night and have a light with an external battery? There are cable ports on either end so you can stash the battery out of the way.

Obviously, this means you can’t dump the bike in the river and expect it all to dry up!

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