Kim Jong-un’s secret daughter appears on state TV for the first time

Kim Jong-un's secret daughter appears on state TV for the first time

Kim Ju-ae’s existence was confirmed by basketball star Dennis Rodman who visited Kim Jong-un in 2013, making her the only child known about the secret family.

However, others have always been talked about.

“Current intelligence on Kim Jong Un’s children says he has three children, two daughters and one son,” said Madden, a fellow at the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C. who also directs the North Korean leadership website.

However, the information he feeds on about his children is contradictory and speculative. Some information about their children derives from observing state media photos showing Madame Ray while pregnant.”

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North Korea’s ruling regime is notorious for its silence on its first family – in part due to fears that they could be targeted.

“Potential opponents among the North Korean elites, if they know the identities of the leader’s children, could represent a weak point,” Madden said.

“Instead of fomenting a coup or rebellion against the political leadership, children could be kidnapped or abused as a way to gain leverage over the leader.”

“This applied to Kim Jong-un when he was growing up and could well apply to his children.”

Kim made himself known only to his compatriots in 2010, a year before the death of his father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il.

“When Kim Jong Un was a child and a teenager, he was kept away from all North Korean elites who had close family or personal ties with his father,” Madden said.

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“North Korean elites cannot interact with him or his brothers without his father’s approval.

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