Kevin De Bruyne admits ‘frustration’ at difference between Man City and Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne has admitted he may become frustrated with the time it takes him to adapt to his international team-mates after spending most of his time playing alongside his Manchester City teammates.

De Bruyne cut through a frustrated figure during Belgium’s World Cup opener on Wednesday, as his team struggled to an undeserved 1-0 win over Canada. John Herdmann’s side – appearing in their first World Cup since 1986 – dominated large parts of the matches, especially in the first half when they beat Belgium in midfield.

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The City star was visibly frustrated with his and his team-mates’ performance and engaged in heated discussions with defender Toby Alderweireld and manager Roberto Martinez.

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He did not celebrate when Michy Batshuayi scored the only goal of the match against the run of play, and after the match he admitted that he needed to respond in a more positive way when things weren’t going well.

“I know my reactions aren’t always good. I also look for moments afterwards to find that peace but people know this is my way of helping the team play better and get more out of the game.

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“But of course, I also have to learn how to react in a better way. Every now and then feelings spill over but that’s also part of the game.”

However, De Bruyne argued that the dip in quality between City and his country is not making things easy.

“We can’t play the same way as Manchester City. As a national team you have to adapt to the players around you. Does that frustrate me sometimes? Yes, but I have to show it less even though that’s the perfection I strive for.”

It’s not just his international teammates who are frustrated with De Bruyne. Every now and then, a midfielder can lose his cool at Al Ittihad, as Pep Guardiola has shown before.

“With Kevin, sometimes it depends on his mood, sometimes he’s a little bit like this… grrrrr… when he’s a little unhappy.”

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