Jake Gyllenhaal Forgot His Co-Star Played His Dad In Another Film

In a recent interview, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that he forgot Dennis Quaid would play his father in The Day After Tomorrow.

by TeeJay Small | published

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid have been making the rounds this week, pressing for the next Disney movie strange world Where they play the father (Quaid) and the son (Gyllenhaal). During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment this week, Jake Gyllenhaal seems at a loss to confirm that he and Quaid have portrayed a father and son in another movie together. Gyllenhaal plays Ibn Quaid in the 2004 science fiction thriller the day after tomorrowAnd you can see the former actor’s reaction to the realization below.

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Not only does this mean strange world Not the first time the duo has played father-son on the big screen, which means it’s not the first time the pair have played a father-son duo separated by a dangerous expedition through a strange, alien land. This connection may seem obvious to some, but not to bubble boy It was himself, Jake Gyllenhaal, who took over until the last interview to make the connection.

“You and Jake obviously played father and son the day after tomorrow‘, a Yahoo reporter told Dennis Quaid, before she was interrupted by a bewildered Gyllenhaal, who says, ‘We did? Oh oh oh! Stop! This is the man who played my father! ”

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Roland Emmerich’s 2004 climate disaster film probably didn’t feature many scenes of the couple together, with most of the plot centering around Quaid’s cross-country trek to get to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the midst of a world-ending climate crisis. This, along with producing an animated movie like strange world The actors are often kept in separate locations at the score lines, which means the actors likely didn’t interact much on either set during the making of the two films. It’s understandable that Gyllenhaal may have forgotten nearly 20 years of acting.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Dennis Quaid V the day after tomorrow (2004)

Still, the brief misunderstanding brought plenty of laughs for the interviewer as well as the cast, and made for a great little viral clip to share with friends and family alike. However, there’s always the chance that this media stunt simply comes from Jake Gyllenhaal’s favorite hobby: trolling his fans. The Mysterio actor has a long history of messing around with his co-stars during press releases to generate buzz for his media appearances and to make his movies more glossy, but on the surface, this video appears to be a real interaction and provides a moment of fly-by during the interview.

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strange world It hardly needs an extra push to grab attention, of course, as a Disney movie with a star-studded cast including the oblivious Jake Gyllenhaal alongside top talents like Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union. strange world It’s in cinemas now, so don’t hesitate to connect with your loved one and enjoy a viewing experience you won’t forget.

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