Jack Grealish accepts Grimm Souness’s offer of a night out if he can bring in Paul Pogba as an extra… and Gareth Southgate wants to join them!

Jack Grealish accepts Grimm Souness's offer of a night out if he can bring in Paul Pogba as an extra... and Gareth Southgate wants to join them!

Jack Grealish has accepted Graeme Souness’s offer of a night out…but only if he can bring Paul Pogba as his bonus!

Liverpool legend Souness has gone back and forth with Grealish in recent days after he criticized his performance for Manchester City on talkSPORT.


Grealish and Souness are all ready to overcome their differences on a night out

Souness was crucial to the talkSPORT of the £100m man

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Souness was crucial to the talkSPORT of the £100m man

During his regular appearances on The White and Jordan Show, Sunis described Grealish as a “good, but not great” player and claimed he has not improved since joining City from Aston Villa for £100m.

Grealish responded to those comments while on England duty this week, saying Souness appears to have an issue with him as he has been regularly criticizing him.

Souness then came back and defended his views, giving a lengthy explanation of his reasoning, warning Grealish that he was 100 per cent right with his views on former Manchester United midfielder Pogba.

He also urged Sunis Grealish to be “less valuable”, but ended his talk by saying he’d like a night out with the 27-year-old.

Souness’s show got a thumbs up from Grealish on social media, with an explicit reference to Pogba as well.

Responding to talkSPORT on Twitter, he wrote in response to the offer: “Let’s do it!! As long as I can bring Pogba as +1.”

It could be a very entertaining night as Gareth Southgate told TalkSPORT on Thursday that he would be keen to join in as well.

“We all want a night out with Jack, I wouldn’t mind a night out with Sue either, so no problem,” the England boss joked.

Southgate, of course, provided a serious answer to TalkSPORT reporter Faye Carruthers’ question about Grealish and his recent contributions.

For a while it seemed like Southgate was the one who lacked a bit of faith in Grealish after making him wait so long for an England call-up.

But he now admits that he loves working with the City star with the national team.

He added: “It was a difficult start to the season with two injuries. It was good to see him reach the far post at the weekend and come into the penalty area and score goals.

“We know he has great creativity. Jack has contributed so well for us, and we are delighted with what he is.

Sand Southgate Grealish happy with the City star


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Sand Southgate Grealish happy with the City star

“We love working with him, he’s a great kid in camp.

“He works at a big club where it is not easy to join the team, let alone perform well.

“I don’t know if he will ever find the level that Graeme wants!

“We are happy with the contributions made to us, but I can’t really speak for the club because you’re not always 100 per cent sure what the roles of the people are, what the requirements are and what they are being asked to do with the ball.

“It is of course easy to get an opinion from the outside, which I do with the players. I have to go deeper into the details they are being asked to do.”

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