ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Chris Moyles slams ‘fake’ Matt Hancock as he spills exclusive behind the scenes secret

Chris Moyles has been causing quite a stir since his exit from I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here on Thursday night (November 24). Radio X DJ was the latest celebrity to leave the Australian jungle after failing to win enough public votes to keep him in the camp.

The announcer narrowly missed out on a spot in the final as the five remaining superstars Eunice Gail Scott and Owen Warner of Hollyoaks, comedian Sean Walsh, former rugby player Mike Tindall and MP Matt Hancock battle it out to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle. .

Despite viewers hearing Moyles say he was “ready to leave” on Thursday night’s episode, he admitted in his post-exit interview with hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly that he would have liked to have stayed.

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Chris said, “I thought I got this now. I’d really like to stay, I totally fantasized about doing Hurricane.”

Quickly discussing Matt Hancock’s controversial appearance on the ITV show, Chris joked: “I’m devastated, Matt Hancock is more popular than me. What’s going on?”

But it wasn’t until the radio star left the jungle that he unleashed his true thoughts on the deputy.

Since coming out, Chris has spoken to his Radio X colleagues in his first in-depth interview, revealing everything from what he really thinks of the former health secretary, to behind-the-scenes secrets.

Chris Moyles spoke to Ant & Dec after he was voted off

He told Radio X: “I don’t know what was on the show…. I was so vented when it first came on. Because, well, I’m just going to say he should be in the business, because he’s the MP and he’s paid to look after people and their interests and hopefully make their lives better.”

“I don’t know how he does it by going to a jungle show. Then there was a moment where we got into a conversation about it and it got really tense, which I accidentally started with being clever and going ‘so when does your book come out’ and he goes next month and I didn’t know he had a book.” .

He continued, “The reason I’m so upset with him is because Seann did something in his personal life that was thrown all over the tabloids and didn’t affect my life at all, he’s had a really tough time professionally, mental health-wise since then. He’s been very open about it.” , and he came on the show to basically say I’m not really a bad guy, can I start over. Which is really honest and takes a lot of balls.

“And Matt Hancock dove in about some of the questions I thought about, and then I said, I guess all I’m asking for is forgiveness. And at that point I had to walk out of camp and just run because I personally found that completely fake. It really hit me.”

Moyles then admitted that to cope with the deputy’s presence at camp, he separated Matt Hancock from Matt at camp.

He said, “As a fellow camper, he did an amazing job. And as a man who lives in a different world than you and mine. But he’s a human being.”

“There’s Matt Hancock, who I have issues with, and there’s Matt I’ve been in the woods with and I know that almost sounds like an excuse, but it was the only way I and others could deal with that fact.”

Also in the interview with his Radio X team, Chris let listeners in on some behind-the-scenes secrets, including what happened at his most recent trial.

The presenter admitted: “I can give you some exclusives. We all made it a mission to steal whatever we could of trials and challenges and bring it back to camp. We stole chalk, a pen, a checklist of health and safety tips.”

“When I did the experiment with Owen yesterday with the winch, I managed to steal two and a half packets of crackers.

“So I did that whole experiment with two packets of crackers in my pocket. When I got back to camp, I managed to find an empty rice tin, put the crackers in it and broke them all in half, and then hid them in the toilet.”

Then I tried to calmly tell everyone they needed to go to the toilet because I “cleaned the seat.” Three of my camp mates managed half a biscuit before one of their 72 cameras detected exactly what I was doing and then the biscuit was gone.

“You can’t really get away with anything.”

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