ITV Good Morning Britain viewers outraged after Kate Garraway embarrassingly interrupted Iain Dale

ITV Good Morning Britain viewers outraged after Kate Garraway embarrassingly interrupted Iain Dale

Viewers of Good Morning Britain criticized Kate Garroy as “unwatchable” after she put broadcaster Ian Dale “on mute” in a series of awkward interruptions. Guests on this morning’s breakfast show (Friday 23 September) were discussing how to save the NHS when Kate walked in and asked the radio presenter to “stop talking” after producers “screamed” in her ear.

He was greeted by some ITV viewers who questioned if Ian was “taking drugs” as he argued with the rest of the panel about the state of the Health Service, but others were less impressed and blasted Kate instead. “Stop interrupting and listen,” Mark Cash said. “Very annoying.” Another viewer complained: “It’s not Kate’s show, so why would we have experts including Ed Balls if Kate is always interfering.”

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Gary said, “What’s going on at the GMB this morning. Kate Garraway hanging out nonstop, Ian Dale in a tough spot, Ed Balls arguing for no reason.” One viewer even left him a bit confused by the exchange. Chris Sheba said, “Two minutes off the TV, did I miss something? What’s such an irritating comment?”

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Ian Dale didn’t seem too happy to cut the air while trying to make his argument

Just as Iain was snapping up another section on the NHS bed rate at 6.57am, Kate suddenly declared: “I’m being yelled to stop talking, and if I’m being yelled at that means I have to interrupt you.” Ian quickly stopped talking, but looked a little disappointed. Kate then joked, “Feel free to interrupt Ian – at any time – with your opinions, we’d love to hear about them.”

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