Italy’s center-left leader Enrico Letta to stand down after election defeat – POLITICO

Italy’s main opposition party leader, Enrico Letta, announced on Monday that he would step down in the wake of Sunday’s general election loss.

Addressing supporters from the Democratic Party headquarters, Letta said he would stay for now, but would not vie for the party’s leadership at the party’s upcoming convention. It is unclear when the conference will take place.

Letta, who served as prime minister from 2013-2014, said it was a “sad day for Italy and Europe”.

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“Italian men and women made a clear and tangible choice, the country would have a right-wing government,” he added.

The center-left party came second in opinion polls with 19 percent of the vote. A coalition of right-wing parties led by Giorgia Meloni’s Italian Brothers won 44 percent.

Meloni is set to lead Italy’s most right-wing government since World War II.

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