Incredible Black Friday deal gets you a bottle of M&S snow globe gin for £1.10

A Black Friday deal can get shoppers bottles of M&S globe gin for just £1.10 each as the sold-out drinks return to shelves this year.

Last year, M&S reported shortages of its popular snowball gin bottles, warning shoppers that when it was down to the last few bottles left in stores, but that didn’t stop the retailer from slashing the price of a pair of snowball gin bottles from £1. 30 to £20 for Black Friday.

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Discounting bottles of Spiced Plum and Clementine Snow Globe gin isn’t the cheapest gin shoppers can get because the bargain site is offering the double bottle deal for just £2.20 – or £1.10 a bottle in great savings on Black Friday.

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The deal is available to all new Topcashback customers, who can sign up for free here and get £17.80 off the price of two bottles of snowball gin. You can get the deal here.

The liqueurs have proven a hit with shoppers and our reviewer Narin Flanders tasted both the Spiced Plum and Clementine versions.

She said, “In a world of Christmassy-flavored liqueurs that hit you over the head with their fragrant flavors, M&S’s spiced plum version is a little different.

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“When you smell it or drink it neat over ice, there’s a much more traditional botanical gin feel to it, but once you add the blender, the final notes of plum come through adding sweetness and a warmth that stays—just right—on a very sweet side.

Overall, both of these gin drinks are solid picks for this Christmas. Of the two I favored the clementine version, I found the spiced plum flavor very sweet at the end.

“I’d give the clementine five stars out of five – and if I was going to pay that’s the one I’d pick – but the plum is a solid four stars too.”

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The deal is available now.

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