I’m a surgeon and have operated on 300 vaginas – that’s the most I’ve been asked for

There are doctors who specialize in all different health fields.

Whether it is heart health, intensive care, general practitioners or emergency practitioners, there is someone who can help with everything.


Dr. Umberto Tozzi (pictured above) revealed that he has operated on the vaginas of 300 peopleCredit: Jam Press / CO Press Office
The expert, who works at Clinique Visage, said he has worked with a group of clients

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The expert, who works at Clinique Visage, said he has worked with a group of clientsCredit: Jam Press Vid / CO Press Office

But one doctor looks at one area in particular – the vagina.

Dr. Umberto Tozzi, a labiaplasty, has revealed that he has operated on the vaginas of 300 people.

Now, an expert who has up to 50 patients a year has revealed exactly what those seeking treatment are coming for.

He says his typical clients include people who shy away from sex and even those who design swimwear and lingerie for a living.

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While he does his fair share of “toe corrections,” there’s one designer look he’s asked for more than anything.

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According to Dr. Umberto, patients often crave the natural but “symmetric” look.

“They want a natural side, just to be like everyone else,” Dr. Umberto said.

“There are a lot of asymmetric cases and during surgery [so] I try to be more consistent.

“You only need to improve the external appearance of the vagina…and make it more natural and attractive.”

He said that surgery usually involves removing 3-6 cm of tissue from the labia.

However, he added, it’s not just about the job, but for some, they’re looking for improved jobs.

“They are usually very shy patients who have never had intercourse just to feel ashamed of showing themselves to others.

“In other cases, they are models who find it difficult to do their job in swimwear or underwear because the area is prominent.

There are also patients who have irritability and functional problems.

“I usually perform labia majora surgery in elderly patients, to increase the size of the labia majora by filling or filling in fat (adipose tissue).”

Dr. Umberto said he also performed this surgery on transgender women.

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“I’ve had this surgery done on trans women too. They ask me to improve the side of the labia majora, which are usually empty in trans women and older women.

“Then, I do vaginal biostimulation via infiltration with a needle, for postmenopausal/menopausal vaginal dryness.

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“The benefits are particularly aesthetic, but in some cases when they are [the clients] Especially significant, they create important difficulties during sexual activity. ”

In most cases, the labia can swell during pregnancy or even due to hormonal factors – this is completely normal but can become uncomfortable.

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