‘If Vladimir Putin uses a nuclear weapon, he will ensure the destruction of Russia’

'If Vladimir Putin uses a nuclear weapon, he will ensure the destruction of Russia'

Last week saw historical events monopolizing the news cycle, beginning with Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral.

Readers were especially touched by the lonely one – a fitting tribute to the late monarch.

Vladimir Putin’s threat of nuclear war and Liz Truss’s first foreign trip as prime minister, which came the same week the mini-budget was revealed, were among other big talking points.

Below we feature some of the most eagerly discussed talking points from Telegraph readers in the comments section and front page post.

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Russia latest

In a televised address published on Wednesday morning, Vladimir Putin warned that he is not cheating about the use of nuclear weapons. The Russian president also ordered a partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists as part of this latest effort. Joe Biden led the Western response to the declaration during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, where he delivered a stark warning to Vladimir Putin that Russia would not win a nuclear war.

Our readers have been critical of Vladimir Putin’s military decision-making, also sharing how threats related to nuclear weapons are just an indication of the desperation of his efforts.

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