How you could get £527 free cash in time for Christmas by recycling old gadgets and appliances

Christmas is just a month away, and a skin on your old hardware might help pay for it this year.

As the holidays roll in and the cost of living increases, many of us are trying to find ways to earn or save extra money.


Here’s what you can get for selling your old stuff

But for some, rummaging through cupboards and drawers may be an easy way to get some cash, as many Brits will have hundreds of pounds’ worth of unused electrical goods.

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Research conducted by Uswitch last year revealed that households stockpile 184 million pieces of unwanted technology, worth around £7 billion.

You may also find it easier to sell your items as recent research shows that more than 22 million mobile customers consider getting a refurbished phone over a new one.

Phone owners say they are making the change to be greener but also because of the high price of new phones and the cost of living crisis.

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However, research commissioned by Which? I found that Brits were still getting rid of paraphernalia they would likely sell.

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Of those surveyed, 35% said they got rid of their printer, and the same number said they got rid of wired earbuds.

You may ditch 9% smaller laptops, 4% tablets and 3% smartphones.

Websites like Mazuma and MusicMagpie will recycle or resell the hardware, and you’ll often pay more than you expect.

We decided to look for some examples that could save you a total of £527 in time for Christmas.

Of course, prices vary depending on the quality of the tool and where you sell the item.

If you are considering selling these products, make sure you set them to factory settings so you don’t share any of your personal information and be aware of scams as well.

Here are some ideas:

Apple iPhone 8 64Gb: £90

An iPhone 8, about six years old, can get £90 into your bank account through Mazuma.

It will need to be unlocked, otherwise you won’t get it as much.

On eBay, the iPhone 8 goes anywhere between £60 and £120.

PlayStation 4, 2TB: £120

On Music Magpie, £120 might get you a Play Sation 4 2TB in ‘good’ condition.

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All parts of the machine shall be in full working order and there shall be no more than light wear.

However, on eBay, a Play Station 4 2TB in good condition can sell for anywhere from £160 – and even more if you add any old games.

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB: £68

According to Sell My Mobile, £68 could get you a Samsung Galaxy S8 with 64GB of memory.

This phone is almost six years old, so it’s still worth a decent amount.

In contrast, eBay sells refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for £159.99.

Macbook Air 8 GB

This Macbook Air from 2015, in good condition, can be sold on Music Magpie for £149.

All parts of the machine must be fully functional and there must be minimal wear and tear.

On eBay the same device sells for around £100.

Kenwood dishwasher: from £45

Used kitchen appliances are more popular than ever, as plug holes for new models are hard to find this time of year.

And just like desktop computers, their parts are often worth good money to recyclers.

But if it’s time for an upgrade – or you just want to go back to rubber gloves and a sponge – a Kenwood dishwasher can sell for £45 on eBay, while the same brand is currently selling for £100 on

If you are considering other ways to make money, you may want to start a side hustle.

This super save managed to save £20,000 thanks to smart and side shopping.

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