How can I get rid of an old mobile phone in France without binning it?

How can I get rid of an old mobile phone in France without binning it?

Reader question: Do you have any suggestions on what we can do with an old cell phone in France (and not just throw it in the trash)?

There are many simple and easy ways to donate, sell, or send an old cell phone to be recycled.

Despite this, statistics show that there may be more than 100 million old mobile phones lying around in drawers of people’s homes in France, according to figures from Recommerce, a specialist in smartphone reuse.

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Here we list several ways you can put your old phone to good use, instead of throwing it in the trash or leaving it forgotten in a closet somewhere.

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Exchange it for vouchers at your nearest Fnac

One solution is to take your old mobile phone or tablet to the nearest Fnac store. The company has a system that allows you to exchange old electronics for a store receipt.

The service is called Fnac Reprise.

You must bring any chargers with you when you are going to exchange and also proof of identity.

Use this online tool to estimate how much you’ll get back for your phone.

Donate it to an association

The Ecosystem association collects and repairs old mobile phones or electronics in order to resell them at a reduced rate to charities or other associations. For phones they collect that are beyond repair, they are recycled.

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To send your phone to Ecosystem, you can either print a label that you stick on an envelope and then mail, or you can request a free pre-labeled envelope.

You can load up to three devices per envelope.

Ecosystem guarantees that all data on your phone will be deleted.

See Ecosystem’s website for more details here.

Take it back to a store

Large stores with an area of ​​more than 400 square meters that sell electrical goods are required to offer a recycling service for old electronics that are considered small appliances, such as mobile phones.

The government website lists several stores that accept old appliances near you.

You can also return your phone to your cellular carrier, with most offering buyback options or the option to trade it in to get money off a new phone.

Sell ​​your old phones

If you want to make a little money, there are many different online services that will help you sell your old appliances, such as, or

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Keep in mind that you may have to pay the shipping costs if your device is not deemed suitable for resale, and depending on your phone, you may not make as much money. Please check the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to sell your phone.

Another option might be to use the popular French website backmarket that sells refurbished electronics and they also have a service that offers to buy back your old ones.

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