Henderson insists Champions League final chaos ‘can never happen again’ | Liverpool

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has insisted that the chaotic scenes outside the Stade de France ahead of last season’s Champions League final should be a turning point.

Thousands of fans were locked out and missed the kick-off against Real Madrid after French police took draconian measures in an attempt to cope with an off-ground crush, exacerbated by authorities’ attempts to control the crowds in the streets heading for the location to check.

Many fans were also targeted by pepper spray and tear gas and some – including relatives of the Liverpool players and management – eventually gave up and left without access. Fans were then attacked in the street by local mobs after the game with little or no police protection.

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A UEFA investigation is still ongoing – Liverpool have received 9,000 written testimonials from fans who attended the final – and Henderson believes action must be taken.

“I don’t want to say too much at this stage, but there is one basic principle that has to be agreed upon by all involved in football and that is that football supporters should always be taken care of,” Henderson wrote in his programme. notes for Liverpool’s game against Crystal Palace on Monday.

“It is absolutely non-negotiable. Safety and security should not be asked or advocated, they should be a given and in Paris this was not the case.

“All the players and staff had family and friends involved in the issues outside the stadium, so we all know well what happened and what went wrong.

“The only conclusion anyone can draw is that something like this should never happen again.

“I am not only speaking here on behalf of our supporters. Every football fan should know that when they go to a match, the authorities will take care of them. For that, Paris must be a turning point.

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“It has to be a moment that brings about change for the better. Nothing else is acceptable.”

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