‘He can have an impact for a long time’

'He can have an impact for a long time'

Nunez is one of three seniors coming to Anfield this summer, alongside Fabio Carvalho and Calvin Ramsay.

Speaking of Klopp’s dressing room as a welcoming place for new faces, Milner added: “It’s a joy to see.

“That atmosphere we have in the dressing room obviously starts with the manager and the atmosphere around the club, which helps players get off the ground.

“You’ve seen it many times. You’ve seen it when Virg came in, clearly new in the middle of the season and playing so well mid-season…hopefully Darwin is the same.

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“He has scored a few goals in the last few weeks, so hopefully it will stay that way for him. That’s a credit to the guys and the people around the club who make people feel comfortable right away.”

“It’s a big change for them, but it’s also the work that’s being done on the training pitch. It’s clear they need to know how we want to play and then we’re comfortable with how we play, so a lot of work goes into that.” in it and hopefully it can continue, and Darwin can continue to prosper.”

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