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Today, with the Amazon offer, we can buy a Logitech G PRO Mouse Gaming Wireless with a discount of 73, 74%. Amazon has shown a full price for this gaming mouse to be 154.99. In recent months, the actual price was around 119, in average. The price isn't the lowest.

With today’s Amazon deals we can buy Logitech G. Pro Mouse Gaming Wireless at 73 or 47% off. Amazon’s full price for this gaming mouse is 154.99. In recent months, the average price was about 119. The price, which is not the lowest at all, is 2 euros higher than the last price of the year. It’s from a year ago, nine months ago. Product is sold and shipped by Amazon.

The Logitech G-Pro Wi-Fi Gaming Mouse is powered by a HERO 25K sensor, with an updated path algorithm that exceeds 400 IPS, and delivers accurate data of 25,600 dpi. The mouse weighs only 80 grams. Removable arrows provide a nice mouse and let you select as many buttons as you want, from zero to four.

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Logitech GBC Wireless Game Mouse.

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