Harry Kane’s not-so-subtle £535k message to FIFA amid World Cup 2022 armband row

Harry Kane and six other World Cup captains have been banned from wearing the OneLove armband – which aims to promote inclusion and diversity – at the tournament in Qatar

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England and Wales must not wear the #OneLove badge at the World Cup

Harry Kane wasn’t allowed to wear the OneLove armband during England’s 6-2 victory over Iran, but he made his own gesture ahead of the Three Lions’ World Cup opener.

Three Lions captain Kane, 29, wanted to wear a OneLove armband at the World Cup opener to promote diversity and inclusion, but FIFA threatened to book him along with six other captains for staging the protest. Same-sex relations are prohibited in Qatar.

The controversial World Cup hosts don’t allow the promotion of same-sex relationships either, and have tried to observe rainbows throughout the tournament, despite their promises not to. The rainbow flag is an international symbol of the LGBT+ community.

Kane instead protested FIFA’s decision to cancel the OneLove campaign by wearing a £535,000 Rolex Daytona. The glow-in-the-dark piece of jewelry has the colors of the rainbow and was worn by Stormzy at the 2020 BRIT Awards.

Kane’s watch remained under the radar until an Instagram account called Insane Luxury Life posted a picture of the Tottenham striker wearing the watch ahead of the Iran match. The jewelry is claimed to be “one of the most sought after pieces on the market”.

The 18k rose gold watch features 36 rainbow-colored sapphires on the bezel, 56 diamonds on the case and 11 rainbow-coloured sapphires as hour markers. It was first released in 2012 in 18k white gold with an 18k yellow card but was “not well appreciated in the market”. The retail price of the watch is claimed to be £112,231, but the current market price is £535,000.

Harry Kane wore a Rolex rainbow watch ahead of Monday’s game against England and Iran


FIFA via Getty Images)

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The Keen Hour is the latest protest against Qatar’s desire to eliminate the colors of the rainbow from the ongoing World Cup.

A group of Wales fans were confiscated rainbow bucket hats ahead of their match against the United States on Monday, while an American journalist was initially denied entry to the ground for wearing a shirt containing the colors of the rainbow.

“So, despite kind words from FIFA before the event, Welsh caps in the colors of the rainbow were confiscated at the stadium, including my fists,” former Wales international Laura McCallister revealed on Monday. “I had a conversation about it with the referees – we have video evidence. This World Cup is getting better [sarcasm] But we will continue to stand up for our values.”

A Danish journalist was confronted by police and had his camera smashed, while another was struck by police for wearing a OneLove armband during a live broadcast. FIFA has warned Qatar to stick to its pledge to ensure LGBT fans can attend the World Cup, but they have also cracked down on several protests in recent days.

The OneLove campaign ban is the most notable example of this, but FIFA also told Belgium that they cannot wear their kit because it has the word “love” inside the collar. This is allegedly because it is a commercial reference for a music festival.

Some countries have responded to Qatar and FIFA’s campaign on LGBT symbols. Germany’s players put their hands to their mouths for their team photo ahead of their 2-1 defeat by Japan on Wednesday, while Wales placed rainbow flags at their base.

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