Grosse Pointe Farms police throw man having medical emergency to the ground

Grosse Pointe Farms police throw man having medical emergency to the ground

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Michigan (WXYZ) — Grosse Pointe Farms police are not commenting on body-camera videos of one of their officers yanking a man off the driver’s seat of his truck and throwing him to the ground.

It happened seconds after a colleague told him the driver might have a medical emergency.

It appears that the police put the driver in his pickup truck because it was driving very slowly along Lake Shore Drive.

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“Show me your hands,” the officer yelled at the man and ordered him to open the door.

The door opens and one of the officers immediately said, “I think he has diabetes. I don’t know.’

But seconds later, the driver’s side officer Mohamad Rida Hassoun jerks out of his seat and throws him to the ground.

Hassoun’s left side hits the ground first and he can be heard moaning.

“They open the door of the car. They see that there is no weapon or anything. They could have escorted him out of the car. There was no reason to throw him on the sidewalk,” said lawyer Cyril Hall, who represents Hassoun. . in a federal lawsuit against the Grosse Pointe Farms Department of Public Safety and three of their police officers.

Bodycam video shows man with medical emergency on the ground

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Moments after Hassoun is handcuffed, a cop can hear him ask if he has diabetes.

The officer who pulled Hassoun out of his truck complains that he hurt his thumb. He also told a fellow officer, “I don’t know if he has diabetes or if he’s trying to harm us, or himself.”

The officer goes on to talk about how much pain his thumb is in as he tells another officer what his colleagues suspected: “I thought he might have diabetes and then I started pulling it out and he resisted. He wouldn’t let go of the steering wheel.”

The other police officer replies, “Well, he could very well still have diabetes.”

Other agents then began searching Hassoun’s truck, and it seems they find nothing but blue surgical masks hanging from his signal indicator and RedBull.

An officer notes that it appears that Hassoun was going home from work.

“He was mistreated for no reason,” Hall said. “I was shocked by the blatant nature of what happened in that video. And when you look at it, you see what’s depicted and they talk about the fact that Mr. Hassoun could be suffering from a diabetes situation and that it could have happened. ” made him listless.”

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Police body camera video of man thrown to the ground

Hassoun said his medical emergency stemmed from medication for his high blood pressure, but the encounter with police left him seriously injured in the shoulders.

Hassoun has already had three surgeries on his left shoulder. He is expected to undergo treatment on his right shoulder soon.

The meeting that took place in September 2020 did not end there. Hassoun was subsequently charged with interfering with a police officer and assault and battery.

Hall believes Grosse Pointe Farms accusing his client of the two offenses was an attempt to explain what officers were doing to him.

Hassoun said the whole event is still too painful to view the bodycam footage his lawyer obtained. And it has damaged his trust in law enforcement.

“I had a lot of respect for them,” he said. “I used to support them. Now I prefer not to see the police.”

Hall said the prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss the case the day before they were due to begin the trial over the two charges against Hassoun.

We have contacted Grosse Pointe Farms prosecutor Robert Ihrie for comment. So far he has not responded.

Hassoun, who has lost his job as a dental lab manager, said his doctor has adjusted his blood pressure medication.

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