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Players log in Gran Turismo 7 Today you will find a small update now available, as hinted in yesterday’s server maintenance notice.

Update 1.24 follows very quickly from last week’s content update 1.23, and as you’d probably expect from the timing and lack of fuss, it’s just a bugfix update. This also means it’s not particularly heavy, coming in at 360MB on PlayStation 5.

The patch addresses one of the “known issues” included in the game, introduced in update 1.23, with the game’s progress – as flagged by several GTPlanet users.

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Referred to as the “Progression Blocker”, this issue may cause the game to crash in post-race screens for some single player events. After completing the race and moving to the screen that awards money prizes, GT7 You will get stuck to the main console interface, resulting in no rewards for your efforts.

Naturally, this is noted in some high-value bonus races that players use to build cash reserves for expensive Legends Cars. Although players have found that pressing the “X” button improves the problem, the uncertainty of whether you will get any reward for half an hour of racing causes great frustration.

Fixing this issue appears to be the sole focus of update 1.24, with no other changes flagged in the update patch notes. However, as always, there may be several unofficial changes not made in these notes; GTPlanet members are already searching for a possible update to the game’s weather radar.

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Players waiting for the next content update will likely last until October 27, which is when we expect the monthly bonus cars to arrive so far.

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