Google’s Accidentally Refunding Some Customers for Stadia Pro

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Maybe you’ll get lucky and Google will over-refund you.
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Google has started issuing refunds for games and in-game purchases earlier this monthand it was messy – see some of the comments at this is 9to5Google Article. is over redditSome people have noticed receiving money from Google for Stadia Pro, Even after the company said it wouldn’t release it.

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this is The screenshot shows Google running back 8.99, which is how much Stadia Pro cost per month abroad when it was active. it’s confusing, Because it contradicts what the company says in Support pagewhich states that no refund will be given Pro subscriptions before 29th September 2022. Not many people in the thread are reporting the same luck, mostly seem to be from the UK. This is not something to plan your money around. But if this happened when the refunds reached your account, Google will not request a refund.

Screenshot of what you're looking for in your Play Store account

Screenshot of recovery when it accesses your Play Store account.
screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

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I’ve never subscribed to Stadia Pro so there’s no chance for me to experience the same luck. However, I got my money back for the purchase The elder scrolls online ($20) and black wood upgrade package ($30) from earlier this year. I also got $20 off a pac man A game you bought with a coupon.

You can search for your Stadia money by searching for Receipt of cancellation of your Google Play order in the inbox associated with your Play Store account.

It’s good money back, and I plan on spending it elsewhere. The elder scrolls online Available on Xbox Game Pass, which is where I am now Cloud gamingAnd I was hoping to use that money to buy a few months of ESO Plus. Stadia is at least trying to die with some dignity on the way down, which is what Google needs to do if it wants to ensure that die-hards of the next cloud-based experience will come back.

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