God of War Ragnarok – How to Beat Every Berserker

The Berserker Fights in God of War Ragnarok is no joke! These vengeful spirits are fearsome, and defeating them all leads to one of the toughest fights in the game. Whether you just want some general advice on how to fight these enemies or need a detailed guide for each of them, we’ve got you covered – here’s how to defeat everyone who defeated the Berserker in God of War Ragnarok.

*Spoiler Warning* – This video features mid, late, and post-game footage, we only recommend watching this video after you’ve completed at least the “Forging Destiny” main mission, or finished the game entirely.

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time codes:
00:00 – Introduction
General tips
01:08 – How to find berserkers
01:35 – Level Up (health bar colors)
02:07 – Use the lock strategically
02:30 – Avoid attacks when possible
03:10 – How to dispel Debuffs
03:49 – 1-2 punch attack
04:11 – ranged elemental attacks
05:03 – close-up bombing attack
05:31 – How to avoid dying from the attack above
05:55 – Use resurrection stones
06:34 – Berserker stun counters fill
07:17 – What are the best weapons?
08:41 – Use permafrost, sacrifice and spinner
09:06 – runic attacks and runic shields
09:40 – interrupt the attacks of the blue circle

Specific tips from Berserker
10:20 – Freakin’ Jealous (Midgard)
10:48 – Scary Begader (Svartalfheim)

11:27 – Hard Refill the Callous (Svartalfheim)
11:57 – Hjalti the Stolid (Alfheim)
12:40 – Hvitserker the Bold (Vanaheim)
13:52 – Haklangr the Bearded (Vanaheim)
15:54 – Alfheim Trio (Svipdagr the Cold & The Sisters of Illska)
18:27 – Svartalfheim Duet (Budvar the Fierce and Annoying Starolfer)
20:33 – Skjothendi the Unnerring (Niflheim)
22:21 – King Hirolf Kraki (Midgard)

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For step-by-step instructions and an interactive map, be sure to check out our Ragnarok guide on!

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