England 3-3 Germany – The Mailbox reacts to Harry Maguire’s latest catastrophe

Not just England, Gareth Southgate and Harry Maguire are in the mailbox. We have WSL Weekend messages and more.

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Explain Southgate’s logic
So we went to the attack more and received 3, 2 of which were individual fouls. Maybe that’s why Gareth doesn’t want to throw the kitchen sink at him. We have a lot of quality going forward, but really, we don’t have the requisite quality in the back to make up for that. Exposing our back streak put them under pressure, and we are a very weak target. He can remedy that and expel the guilty, but who are the substitutes? There is no easy or obvious solution to it.

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On the plus side, Bellingham should have cemented his place in midfield for sure. What a lovable player.

Poor Harry
I was able to watch the England match in the USA.

Great comeback and it’s a pity not to win, where has this passion been in the last 5 games?

Listening to the US pundits after the match, one of the first things that came out of their mouths was “I hope Harry Maguire starts against USA in Qatar.”

Really says it all.

…to adapt one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite comedies:

Gareth Southgate: Is Harry Maguire suitable for England?

England fans: Oh no. no no no. No no no no no. No no no no no. Harry Maguire is not fit for the England national team. No no….

Gareth Southgate: 16 No? really?

Yes Gareth, he was wrong on both goals! England must never be honored again!

…the correct. It must be so. How could there be another real controversy over whether Maguire should play either for the PL “top six” or, in particular, for England.

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Mag to FFS network.

It is, as the late Granny used to say of such species “nothing but a cut goliath.”
Mark (Mag to Grid = Get Rid. If you don’t know where this is from, ask someone older. Oh, who was in a uniform.) MCFC.

England 3-3 Germany: Classify the players where the Three Lions groan and then roar

Four conclusions
Dear F365

1. When they play with confidence, this version of Southgate 3-4-3 (without a second defensive midfield) is actually a truly offensive formation. In the first half, they did just that and it was great. Of the top six, everyone other than James, who was anonymous, made a significant offensive contribution. With Germany’s worst goalkeeper, a more consistent final ball, or perhaps if we had an English right-back with an unrivaled assisting record in the Premier League, we could easily have scored two or three goals.

2. Having said that, the three centre-backs and midfield still seem to be heading in the wrong direction. Germany can zip through our midfield as they please, and the three defenders weren’t synchronized or mobile enough to justify using the extra player. One of the advantages of the three defenders was to let the player out and press without leaving huge gaps, but they basically stood in line across the penalty area and waited for Germany to choose which gap to cross. Getting rid of Maguire and replacing him with Henderson (or Phillips when back in song) as an extra quarterback seems like a natural move. It would strengthen the midfield in defence, and it would free Bellingham our best player to be (even) a more persistent threat. The 4-3-3 creates gaps to exploit between linebackers and linebackers, but it’s a price worth paying for other improvements.

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3. We must really get rid of Maguire. Not all was lost after a bad pass in the lead up to the penalty – there was an opportunity to show the Germany player outside and give our defense a few seconds to regroup. But instead, he challenged him head-on and kicked him as he passed. Then there was the pointless dribbling to nowhere in which we lost the ball on the second goal, followed by a run again hoping someone else would sort out the mess. Conor Cody isn’t brilliant, but he’s better than that.

4. But the comeback was really cool. A lovely blend of fine craftsmanship (Bellingham, Saca, Mount) and classic Ingerlund stuff. It gives credence to the idea in the latest postal that a large part of England’s Nations League problem was players’ indifference towards competition, which was resolved for a while as they stared at the barrel of a 2-0 home defeat to perhaps the biggest international player. Competition. I hope it’s true because, overall, this was a performance for an England team that I could join in.
Tom. LFC

Lucky Gareth
When I was a teenager, my cricket coach used to tell me “I’d rather be lucky than be good”. It seems to me that Gareth Southgate is a very lucky coach.

If this tournament had been held in the summer, we would have been eliminated from the group stages because he has so far failed to develop the team. However, at this point it’s clear to anyone with eyes that a) Harry Maguire shouldn’t start football for England and b) we have the quality and energy in the front positions that require a higher-tempo style of play. Southgate has no choice but to play Bellingham, Saka and Anyone But Maguire in the updated England setup.

Added to this cute four-leaf clover tie in the previous two tournaments is a Lazarus-like comeback tonight, not caring about the fact that he regularly manages to avoid injuries to key players. I can’t remember a fortunate senior manager in my life; We expect another deep cycle.
Rob S

WSL Winners and Losers
So it looks like we won’t get winners and losers out of the WSL weekend’s events, so I’ll try myself…


Jess Park – The 20-year-old loaned from Manchester City has played like one woman stands out against Liverpool and ensured Everton grab three more points from her parent club. She took her goal exceptionally and won the Man of the Match award. The England call certainly couldn’t be farther away.

Front streaks of dual names – Arsenal had Med and Midema while Chelsea bragged about Kerr and Kirby. In both cases the understanding between the pairs was excellent and they scored four points between the four. Kerr should have scored but squaring a chance was begging for the laces through.

Manchester United – six points ahead of its domestic rival and nine goals better than the goal difference. They haven’t had the hardest of beginnings, but, as my old dad always says, you can only beat what’s ahead. They hit what was put in front of them and it hit them well.

Arsenal defense – 8 games now in the WSL without conceding a return to last season (obviously) means the match is effectively over as soon as Beth Mead opened the scoring in the fifth minute. Tottenham are no cups but you never thought Arsenal’s goal was under threat with Leah Williamson and Souza Rafael near perfection in defence.

Aston Villa – Two-goal wins in both games for Rachel Daley (summer signature for sure?). Leicester were not the scalpers of Man City last weekend but it was a fantastic result nonetheless, not least because it was the first time Villa had ever won back-to-back matches in the Women’s Football League.


Kate Stingel – Liverpool’s new American striker opened her career with two wins over Chelsea last week, but they were both knockouts and didn’t do much to suggest an open-play target would arrive anytime soon. Offers few games that stand up to it, sophisticated or front-wheel drive. It needs to be accelerated very quickly.

Summer Manchester City – Their turnover was huge in the summer of 2021 and even more dramatic this summer. Starting the season after losing the bronze, Wyatt, Walsh, and Scott among the nine departures was always tough. I’m not sure they think it will be zero points after two tough games.

Reading’s Relationship with the Referees – Two weeks into the season and two weeks in a row, reading felt they were let down by the refereeing. They had some justification this week with an incorrect offside claim that denied them a goal. But hey, at least they don’t have to deal with the VAR. And they deserve it to rearrange the Liverpool game in the middle of the week.

Leicester City – Suspended only by Reading. It hasn’t been a great month or so for Leicester to be honest.

Draw – There are no drawings this weekend, no drawings on the opening weekend. We have three teams on maximum points, three on zero points and a full set of teams on three in the middle. It’s either winning or losing for now, there’s no room for both parties to walk away happy with a single point.

Momentum – that’s it now for the WSL until October 15th as it paves the way for the League Cup and the International Leagues. Their fault wasn’t to postpone the first round of matches, but the break after only two rounds seems to be bad timing.
Mickey Atridge

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