Employees open up on toxic environment and mismanagement at Quantic Lab

Former and current employees shared their experiences working at Quantic Lab, a Romanian company that provides quality assurance (QA) support as an external third party.

Quantic Lab came under scrutiny in June when a YouTube video uploaded by Upper Echelon Gamers contained details about the company’s mismanagement and misconduct while it was helping develop Cyberpunk 2077.

The allegations, which whistleblowers shared with Upper Echelon Gamers, were dismissed by Quantic Lab CEO and founder Stefan Cicarescu at the time.

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In a new report from PC Gamer, employees at Quantic Lab talked more about conditions at the company and the time they spend working on Cyberpunk 2077.

Several employees claimed that management asked them to “avoid talking” about the number of years of QA experience when speaking with CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt Red didn’t get the “level of experience” it paid for, and sources said this has led the company to raise concerns about “disappointing performance” in QA multiple times to Quantic Lab.

Quantic Lab was just one of several external QA teams that contracted with Cyberpunk 2077, and sources said it represented a third of the game’s QA team. Poor management and a lack of experience contributed to the “Quality Assurance Team struggling to meet its core obligations”. A former PC Gamer employee said they felt Quantic was partly to blame for the disastrous state unleashed by Cyberpunk 2077, noting “the fact that the game was in the state it was in, [Quantic] Contributed”.

PC Gamer sources also revealed Quantic Lab turnover is high, with major testers having to lie to customers about the size of the QA teams. A former employee described harassment from managers, and many said management would say directly that testing games was an unskilled job. Others shared their low salary figures and said it was financially pointless to live near the corporate office in Cluj-Napoca.

The effects of their time working at Quantic Lab have been devastating. “at this point, [Quantic] Another source said, “Quantic made me hate toys and games,” and spoiled their passion for them.

Employees said they doubt that publicizing their mistreatment will prompt Quantic Lab to improve internal conditions. At the very least, it’s important that we make sure we hear the experiences shared from our testers. As we note with quality assurance testers at Raven Software (within Activision Blizzard), it’s a slow and difficult process to drive fair conditions for employees, but it can be done.

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