Drag queen moved out of Liverpool after having face ‘cut open’

The drag queen claims she left Liverpool after getting her face cut off.

Danny Byrd, originally from Halewood, appeared on the finale of season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race last night (Thursday, November 24). After beating out competition from a dozen other artists, the “sassy, ​​shady, singing cartoon clown” at the age of 29 earned the title of UK’s Next Drag Race Superstar.

But, before viewers saw Danny bring home the city crown, Scouser opened up about a traumatic experience they had as children.

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Speaking to Chief Justice RuPaul along with Michel Visage, they said, “When I was younger, I got really bullied. It just wasn’t me. Year eight, I’m not sure how old you were (at the time), but this guy made finger dusters.” With pins and slashes in my face.My mum and dad took me from Liverpool to the Wirral and my mum sat me down and said ‘this is a new beginning, you can be anyone and anything you want now.'”

The performer went on to explain how they took it as an opportunity to start living as their true authentic self.

They added, “I went to school in ninth grade, and the first kid who said ‘Hey, are you gay?'” ’, and I went, ‘Yeah, and what? And this is where my confidence started to grow and I wasn’t afraid to be on fire.”

The remainder of the episode saw the four queens who made it to the final stage were given one final challenge. Black Peppa, Jonbers Blonde, Cheddar Gorgeous, and Danny Beard were asked to show off their dancing and lip-syncing in their latest race for the crown. While the judges deliberated their fates, the queens returned to the “workroom”, to find former winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, including The Vivienne from Liverpool, awaiting trial with them.

In the final showdown, Danny Baird delivered a performance that “never left a dry eye in the house” to This is My Life’s Dame Shirley Bassey, before becoming the second-ever Liverpool player to compete with BBC Three.

“Honestly, I thank you for believing in me,” said Dany, taking up their crown and scepter. “I’ve had the wildest dreams here, meeting the most amazing people. I never thought anyone who pulled like me could be a Roo girl. So, this is for all the different kids out there, Thank you. I can’t believe I’m the winner. I can’t just let the world see what Danny Byrd is all about! I just made it up!”

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