Detective Pikachu 2: The Sequel to the Key to Long Absence ‘is about to be released’

Detective Pikachu 2: The Sequel to the Key to Long Absence 'is about to be released'

A Nintendo Switch sequel to 3DS’s Detective Pikachu is “close to release,” according to a developer working on it.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the chief game programmer at Creatures Inc. , Jonathan Murphy, Detective Pikachu 2 on his LinkedIn page.

Describing his current job position, Murphy said he has “worked on one undisclosed project and another on the verge of release, Detective Pikachu 2”.

While it’s just a small update, it’s pretty much all we’ve heard about the game since it was first announced in 2019. The Pokémon Company confirmed at the time that it wouldn’t just be a port or re-release of the original 3DS game but its full sequel.

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Not to be confused with the hit movie, but following essentially the same story, Detective Pikachu is a cinematic adventure game that follows protagonist Tim on a journey to find his father in Ryme City. Players travel around solving crimes and meet trainers and Pokémon from all generations as they progress.

It’s definitely one of the most unique things in the series, featuring a loud talking Pikachu rather than the usual cute and quiet version. The Pokémon Company has continued to break expectations for what a Pokémon game could be, most recently doing so with the release of Legends: Arceus.

In our 8/10 review of the 3DS game, IGN said: “Detective Pikachu provides insight into the world of Pokémon through his fun puzzles and cool coffee-loving leadership.”

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