County Championship: Lancashire beat champions Surrey inside three days

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The County Championship Trophy was presented to Surrey after their defeat
LV = County Championship Division One, UAE Old Trafford (Day 3)
Lancashire 512: Jennings 199, Balderson 97; Moriarty 5-163
Valid 209 and 173: Burns 61 Hartley 5-52, Parkinson’s 3-57
Lancashire (24 points) beat Surrey (3 points) by round and 130 points
Scorecard matching

Lancashire finished off an impressive victory over county champion Surrey in three days as they signed off on the season by winning the innings and 130 runs.

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Left-arm slow bowler Tom Hartley hit the ball, with the 23-year-old earning 5-52 and match numbers from 8-80 after nine sessions of completely dominated cricket by the hosts, who kicked the guests out for 173. In their innings the second.

After the first rounds resumed under bright autumn sunshine, Will Williams and Tom Bailey started with the ball against Cameron Steele and Jordan Clark and it was Williams who broke through early when Clark played on stumps in an attempt to lead with five off 47 balls.

Matt Parkinson went on to take 3-57, somehow hitting Jimmy Overton straight to Dane Vilas in Midwicket to leave for nine as slow bowlers took over.

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Cameron Steele, who showed rare patience among Sarri’s players in collecting 47 of 163 balls, was next to corner in front of Hartley before Tom Luz was tossed around his legs by the same bowler for 21.

A beautiful cameo from Kemar Roach rounded things up with the West Indian tailor hitting 26 entertainers, including six towering straight off Parkinson’s, before skiing one to Williams.

With Surrey still trailing by 303 runs, Lancashire was inevitably forced to follow up, looking to finish with three days on the cards.

Credit is then credited to Rory Burns and Ryan Patel who kicked things off in the second rounds with much greater determination than they had previously shown.

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Burns took the match to Parkinson and Hartley, where he regularly danced on the wicket and displayed the kind of composure and control that had seen the previous England opener enjoy such a productive season.

His first pair of wickets had collected 89 throws when Burns made his first foul which proved to be a killer as he made his way through Hartley’s delivery and the ball was thrown for 61 times.

Patel suffered a similar lack of focus four times later when Parkinson’s pass to George Balderson mid-game for 36 to leave Surrey 107-2 and Lancashire began dreaming of a day off.

With Hashem Amla reaching a crease, the hosts had a large body that still had to be removed, but Hartley did the trick with a sharp delivery that was given a lbw despite being pushed off the leg.

With Amla gone for 15 years, all the fights seemed to vanish from Sarri’s side with little motivation for the blockers’ role, Steele certainly fumbled his lines as he hesitated midfield and ran out of Villas for five.

It was a nightmarish spell for Surrey in which they lost six wickets for 24 times in 15 as Tom Curran dumped his fourth ball to Stephen Croft for a duck before Jimmy Smith was caught short of Parkinson’s 23 times.

Hartley then threw Overton around his legs for one with the Lawes also unwisely choosing to attempt the same shot to the same bowler minutes later to hand Hartley his first five in first class cricket.

With the abrupt end of the chapter suddenly ordering the day, Bailey came back to realize some spin and immediately tried to figure out his old teammate as Clarke had been trapped up front for nine.

The latest pair of Daniel Moriarty and Roach remained on hold until 15:45 BST, by which time everyone was ready for a presentation, and referee Martin Sagres was duly obligated when he lifted his character to keep Roach LBW away from Parkinson’s.

Lancashire coach Glenn Chapel:

“Our aim was to make sure we finished the season well and make sure we did our best in this game as we did in every other game. The effort of the players was great to see because they could easily put their feet up.”

“We can’t take any negatives from the season. The players have done really well. There are big positives and when we sit down and think about the season, there is a lot we can be proud of.

“There were a few pockets here and there where we didn’t quite cross the line and maybe that’s an area where we can see the points slipped. But the commitment the team put in in all three competitions has been fantastic.

“Collectively, it’s one of the best seasons we’ve had. We want to lift trophies of course, and that’s what we’ll keep pushing for, but seasons like this only serve to boost your motivation to get stronger and better.”

Sarri coach Gareth Bate:

“We’ve had most of our emotions last week and this week has been tough – it’s like the pop of a balloon I suppose. But that’s no excuse. Lancashire has been fantastic and deserves a lot of credit for their season.

“The unity of the group has stood out. The fact that Olly Pope and Ben Foakes are back after winning a series with England and were desperate to play to make us cross the line speaks volumes about everything and all the work that everyone does.

“It’s a tight group and I feel like it’s a private changing room. We also need to respect the fact that Vikram Solanki started it all. He went on to win the IPL and it’s good and fitting that we went on to win the boycott championship.

“We were very dominant and strong at home and put the teams ahead. There were times when Hashem Amla, who has pretty much everything in the game, walked off the field and said it looked like a test session of cricket. This is the biggest compliment you can pay the boys. “.

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