County Championship: Kent thrash Somerset to end campaign in style

LV = County Championship Division One, Spitfire Grounds, Canterbury (Day 3)
Somerset 202 and 139: Sajid 40; Queen 3-14
Kent 492: Kadri, 87, Moyi 85, Crowley 79; Aldridge 6-110
Kent (24 points) beat Somerset (4 points) in innings and 151 points
Scorecard matching

Kent crushed Somerset on tour and 151 times to finish the County Championship Division One campaign in style at Canterbury.

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Hamid Qadri achieved the highest level of his career 87, with Kent, having earned his place in the first division, 492 in his first innings, a difference of 290.

Although Casey Aldridge scored his best first-class numbers from 6 to 110, it was a day full of pain for Somerset.

The bats flew during the first hour, but when it was the visitors’ turn, they collapsed to 139.

Matt Quinn had a 3-14, Nathan Gilchrist, Danielle Drummond and Kadri, Nathan Bell Drummond and Kadri both claimed to be joking.

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The result meant that Kent overtook Somerset in the final standings and ended the campaign long after the threat of relegation.

The atmosphere at the Spitfire Ground was the most relaxed of the year, and although a sly Conor removed six years early, he was caught on the third slip by Tom Appel off Craig Overton, the pitcher came out injured shortly afterwards and the run started pouring in .

Kadri may be seen as a purely spinner, but he averages over 43 players in first-class cricket, and of an overnight 27 not out, he’s over 50 past three consecutive Jack Brooks deliveries, and thirds inches above slip. encirclement.

Gilchrist joined Kadri and wore 48 for the ninth wicket before being thrown by Aldridge for 14.

Qadri then hit Ben Green for straight sixty and four, eventually losing 13 less than the first ton of first class when he beats Aldridge behind him.

Somerset did not even make it to the tea period, losing in 40.4 sums.

Ole Robinson was allowed to drive Kent onto the field to celebrate his last game before leaving for Durham and grabbed Quinn’s Andrew Omid for three in third.

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Qadri then tossed Abel’s middle torso to five, leaving Somerset at 19-2 for lunch.

Quinn removed George Bartlett for four, Tawanda Muyi caught her midfield with the fifth ball in the afternoon session, and Lewis Goldsworthy was the lbw.

Joey Evison took his first Class 1 small gate to Kent when he overtook James Ray, who had fallen 10 times to Bill Drummond in the third slip.

Green was then brought down by Gilchrist’s Jack Leaning, but the next time he was caught behind Bell-Drummond.

When Bill Drummond took Tom Lamonbye by Zach Crowley on his first 23 slip, Overton ran without a runner and immediately hit a four, but he was struggling and quickly sent Gilchrist Aldridge off her trunk for 15.

Gilchrist then grabbed Overton by Crowley for a gritty 12 and despite some amusing swings from Sajid Khan, who made 40 off 19 balls, the win was confirmed when he hit Qadri for six in a row, he tried his luck for the third time and was caught over the border by Muyeye.

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