Coober Pedy community rocked by Elizabeth, Goran Ilich deaths

The remote town of Coober Pedy is grappling with a triple tragedy after a mother dies just three days after the death of her son before the death of a local firefighter is reported.

Goran Ilich, 34, died on November 12, his body was tragically found by his mother, Elisabeth.

Mr. Ellish was a popular member of a remote town in South Australia, 850km north of Adelaide, where more than 2,000 people live in a tight-knit community due to it being the “Opal Capital of the World”.

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The local paper, the Coober Pedy Regional Times, praised Mr Illich, saying he was a well-liked man among the locals.

The newspaper stated that “Goran Ilich was popular with all age groups”.

“He had a natural charm and was polite and courteous.”

Goran Illich (pictured), 34, was found dead by his mother Elizabeth Illich on the morning of November 12, according to the Coober Pedy Regional Times.

The cause of his death has not been released yet.

Three days after his death, Goran’s mother died in what locals called a “double tragedy”.

“In the early hours of Monday morning, a grief-stricken Elisabeth Elish awoke with chest pains and called for friends to help,” the newspaper reported.

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An ambulance was called but Mrs. Ellish died in hospital a few hours later.

“Friends told Mrs. Eilish that she had a heart condition and they believed that grief over her son’s death had caused her heart attack.”

Three days after his death, Goran's mother, Elisabeth Elish (pictured), died in what locals call a 'double tragedy'

Three days after his death, Goran’s mother, Elisabeth Elish (pictured), died in what locals call a ‘double tragedy’

GoFundMe was created after the loss of Goran whom he referred to as “a beautiful soul who was taken away too soon”.

The fundraiser read: “Everyone who has interacted with Goran knows he is different, he can talk to anyone and charm them with his charisma and personality.”

“Goran has made an impact on all of us in so many different ways and so many other cities.”

Locals and Goran’s friends alike posted tributes online and at the fundraiser.

Our sincere condolences. Someone wrote: May God give you all strength.

My condolences to the family. ‘We will miss Goran forever and the world will always be a little less bright without him,’ said another.

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His friend Luka Belosevic took to Facebook to show his respect writing to his buddy, “RIP, my brother Goran Ilich.” I’ll miss you so much.’

But the Coober Pedy community was “shattered” again when a local firefighter died on Friday.

The newspaper described Jayden Watts as a lovable part of Opal City.

“We mourn the loss of Jayden, a much loved and respected community member, family man, partner, father, son, brother, friend, entrepreneur, volunteer and so much more,” the newspaper wrote.

Jayden Watts was described by the Coober Pedy regional newspaper as a lovable part of Opal City

Jayden Watts was described by the Coober Pedy regional newspaper as a lovable part of Opal City

A local resident paid his respects to the three residents of Coober Pedy online, with all three dying within a week.

“What a horrible week for the community. We have lost 3 beautiful members of our town.

First Gwern Eilish, then just days later his mom and my friend Elizabeth and then in a few more days Jayden Watts.

This year has seen us say that final farewell to so many of our friends and neighbors and I look forward to the end of the year.

My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Elizabeth and Guren Elish and to the family and friends of Jaden Watts. My thoughts and prayers are for you all.

Exposure to the Coober Pedy community

The Coober Pedy community has been “further devastated” by the death of local firefighter Jayden Watts. Jayden’s death was the third in the city in a week

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