Chrono Trigger update on mobile and PC adds extra features

The Chrono Trigger update on mobile and PC adds a number of additional features.

The update will begin on March 11 and include the following:

  • The full screen display supports an aspect ratio of 21:9
  • Improved operability
  • Increased auto battle speed (x1.5)
  • Save slots increased to 20
  • Extras section has been added to the smartphone version

The details come from a new trailer for the game on Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube account (detailed by Gematsu).

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The classic SNES has been available on these platforms for quite some time. On PC, PC fans were disappointed with the port due to visual issues and poor user interface.

Over time, Square Enix patched the game to bring it up to standard.

Fans of the Chrono series will be able to play a remastered Chrono Cross from April 7 across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC consoles. It is the first time that the game has been released in Europe.

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