CHRISTUS Spors Medicine keeps athletes in the game | Sportsmedicine

CHRISTUS Spors Medicine keeps athletes in the game | Sportsmedicine


It was senior night in Mansfield and Loyola won a district championship once. Star wideout Tray Taylor starts the game as he usually does with a big catch on the first play of the game. But when Taylor was taken to the grass, something was wrong.

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“I was tackled, my arm was left behind and I broke my collarbone,” Taylor said.

With multiple college offers, Taylor wanted to recover as quickly as possible. Thanks to Loyola’s partnership with the Christ Highland Clinic Sports Medicine team, help was already there.

“Everything starts on the field. To keep these kids safe, you need someone on the sports medicine team who is integrated into that world,” said Richard Tubre.

Athletic trainer Chris Campbell works with the Flyers every day and was ready to jump into action when Taylor got injured.

“They understand I’m here to help them stay on the pitch. I’ll do everything I can to get them to play where they don’t have to miss a game this season or miss that crucial training session or whatever. understand and she knows that. They love it,” Campbell said.

While Taylor’s football season was over, Campbell and the rest of Christ’s sports medicine team got him ready for basketball season.

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“It was stressful because I didn’t want to do it, but since I got there and now came back at 100%, I’m glad I did it,” Taylor said.

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Taylor is just one of many Flyer athletes and employees who have benefited from Campbell’s constant presence.

“I just had an incident where I dislocated my finger and he was there every step of the way to calm me down. Luckily we’re all fine and it’s all thanks to him.”

As injuries fade, the relationships built by having a trainer in every practice and every game make a much lasting impression.

“Me and coach Chris got close. I started calling him my uncle because that’s how I felt about him. Before the game I was just chilling with him in his office. It just felt like home,” said Peyton Thomas .

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