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Reporting by Susan Wrak from Kingsmeadow

You know Jill Scott, Saying that James was an outstanding player.

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Kirby says the first half was not Chelsea’s best player, But in the second they were more patient on the ball, less dirt and more balanced in their passing. Her goal was to reverse the tide of play, but she notes that they are not interested in possession but “it’s all about goals”.

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City were poor in the second half, but their manager didn’t help him, who only allowed them to move on. Looking from the outside, it was impossible to see what he expected his first team to do to get back into things. I know it’s unlikely that his subs would have sorted things out, but let’s be real, they couldn’t have looked more helpless – or less powerful.

Full time: Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City

Yes, that’s why they are heroes. Chelsea had a sticky patch in the first half but scored at the end of the half, and since then, the result hasn’t been in much doubt.

City's Greenwood and Chelsea's Kerr embrace after the final whistle.
City’s Greenwood and Chelsea’s Kerr embrace after the final whistle. Photo: Tim Judd/PA

90 + 2 minutes Emma Byrne gives Kirby a player of the match, which isn’t an unreasonable call – I played really well and scored what turned out to be the crucial goal – but James was ahead, as I continue to use gases.

90 + 1 min Lauren James gets her bill — she’s earned it, the park’s best player to date — with her replacement Kaneryd.

90 minutes We’ll have four minutes added.

89 minutes Chelsea don’t meet Arsenal until January, but they go to United at the beginning of November. It should be lively as United have Toone and Russo, and both appear to have risen to a fortified level with post-Euro confidence.

87 minutes The way Chelsea have controlled things since going up front has been absolutely fantastic. If we’re picking at the loopholes, I’m still wondering about those back three, which will be fine in most games but probably stumble on the biggest, and they might also want to find a midfield combination that allows them greater control. But they smell like goals, and they have a lot of different ways to find them – as do Arsenal, in fairness.

86 minutes Two more changes for Chelsea, Brissett and Charles on Ritten and McGildy.

86 minutes James is just very confident and tenacious in possession. It doesn’t seem like much, but she grabbed the ball near halfway, turned towards her goal and easily passed the ball to one of her space mates.

84 minutes Another city change, Lodasada replaced Alexandre and Blackstadt in Shaw’s place. That’s really tough on Shaw, who hasn’t had any service or support to speak of in half the time, although we saw in the first 45 that she was able to knock out the entire three Chelsea full back, on her own.

83 minutes Increasingly, I think that title will be decided by head-to-head – or should be head-to-head – between Chelsea and Arsenal. I think there are other teams that are good enough to shed points, as we saw last weekend, but they are both very strong and it seems unlikely that they will lose points that much.

82 minutes …but this time, Berger is allowed to collect things unmolested. I have no clue why Citi allowed this.

81 minutes Rasso drops the ball from the right flank, but Ericsson in her announcer immediately, blocking the cross behind her. City was dangerous from corner kicks in the first half…

79 minutes Currently The city makes a change, withdrawing Hemp and replacing her with Raso. This will sort it out.

Goal! Chelsea 2-0 Man City (Gildy Pen 78)

Don’t mess here! Mjelde — not Kirby, who took one last week — hits a side player in the left side net, seven eights out of the way, and that’s over.

Marin Megildy scores from the penalty spot.
Marin Megildy scores from the penalty spot. Photography: Andrew Fosker/Rex/Shutterstock

77 minutes Chelsea looks for a second, runs to the left, when the ball goes in, Hutton’s clearance is poor, Cuthbert takes a hit, then Engel plays Kerr and hits him, the ball goes around the defender, so Roebuck flips it over the defender. Bar .. But the referee gives a penalty because it came out of Wahbi’s hand in an abnormal position near her face!

75 minutes Compare them to James, a veritable beehive of activity… and now she is, leaking gas and away from Wahbi, making the box… and hitting a low shot that Roebuck overtakes. She could have done a better job there – the finish was inaccurate – but the run showed how far ahead of the defenders she was forced to mark.

75 minutes I have to say, I know it’s easy to say creating some subs, but that’s what they are for.

74 minutes I just don’t understand why Taylor left this slide. His team has played a little bit of urgency since they fell behind and did nothing to pump some.

72 minutes City will let this match slip for now, and when Kirby picks up the ball in midfield, she is allowed to run forward without anyone in her face. So she opens up her body to try the curler, and sends it a yard or two over the bar.

71 minutes Rayten pulls left and Crossfield shoots for James, who shoots in and whistles a yard off the far post. You will be a star.

69 minutes I wonder if Citi will try Mary Fowler in the next part. They’re not really a threat so they have to do something, and they have a good person on the bench.

67 minutes In James, the similarity between her game and that of her brother is very beautiful. They both have such an amazing combination of physical and brain skills, and the way they use their bodies to protect the ball while performing the footwork speaks volumes for a lot of the time they spent kicking together.

66 minutes More distinguished than James, who hit a good shot at Kirby, and appeared inside the penalty area. But she can’t point her shot at the goal, send it off the near post, and City will build again

66 minutes Ericsson charges the wing and makes a good cross, but there’s no one to match, so Roebuck assembles easily enough.

65 minutes Change for Chelsea, replace Angel Fleming.

64 minutes Two quick passes in midfield open things up for City, but then Castellanos sends one behind Hemp and the attack collapses.

63 minutes Esh, another collision between Shu and Buchanan, corpses scattering under the whole… Once again, Shu was left standing with Buchanan as he sat down for a bit.

62 minutes Yes, the city needs to change something. They’re losing the midfield battle now and even though they’re still scoring because they have some good players, nothing they’re doing suggests that’s a possibility.

61 minutes Cuthbert searches for Kerr at the near post, but Wahby outshines.

61 minutes But Chelsea won a corner kick – their first game of the match.

60 minutes Bright trained on a good pass for Kerr, who’s totally not with him today and can’t find Kirby with her pass.

58 minutes Chelsea have dominated their midfield much more this half, and have taken 62% so far this half.

56 minutes I wonder, however, if City could break away from their stubborn 4-3-3 style and get another body alongside Shaw, with Chelsea’s whim handling much better so far this half. Give her a partner, and things may change quickly.

54 minutes City are still a threat, but Chelsea have better players. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a tie, but I think the clincher is more likely.

52 minutes Lauren James is the best player on this court, and when Wahbi spins, the defender can only pull her back. You’re booked, and you’ll be scared the next time you’re single.

51 minutes The corner becomes flat and difficult to get to the near center, where Alexandre lurks – this looks like a striped. But instead of going with her left and sweeping it, she tried with her right, flick, and send the ball away.

50 minutes Immediately, the city counter, Casparaghi rushes down the line and finds Hemp, who teases a nice ball at Shaw. She nicely controls her chest, too, but as she spins, Bright, who’s behind her, cleverly turns and back, concedes a corner.

50 minutes Chelsea sweeps forward, Fleming Ryten… who slips.

Reiten at work.
Reiten at work. Photo: Andrew Canridge/Action Images/Reuters

49 minutes Chelsea hit the ball at the back, trying to lure City to them, but in the end they have to go far.

47 minutes Erickson clips a ball to her face…from her own box, but Berger shows a cool head and pretty feet to fool around, and sells a cannabis doll before taking the ball away.

46 minutes I previously reported that Arsenal only lost once in the league last season; Well, Chelsea lost twice, and that means City will have a lot of work to do if they can’t avoid defeat here.

46 minutes We go again!

Half time reading: Something I wrote about Eric Ten Hag, management and charisma.

First Half: Chelsea 1-0 Manchester City

In coms, they don’t think the score reflects the play, but I’m not sure. City scored a good 15 minutes, but Chelsea missed two big chances and made the goal beautifully, so.

45 + 3 minutes I think Hayes will want to give her time to settle in, but anything that gets James chasing an opponent full-back has a massive weakness ingrained in him.

46 + 1 min Her name is Susie.

46 minutes There will be four minutes added.

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