CerraCap Cares announces investment in Cuentame, a startup, led by foundation, poised to become the first mental health unicorn company

CerraCap Cares announces investment in Cuentame, a startup, led by foundation, poised to become the first mental health unicorn company

CerraCap Cares announces its investment in Quintam, with a mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health, and to provide organizations with the right tools to create a highly integrated mental health work environment.

Costa Mesa, California.And the September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CerraCap Cares, a women-led impact fund recently invested in Quintam that is set up to promote and stack the growing need to address mental health challenges. The fatigue that was before the pandemic was already a huge problem. In the post-pandemic era, the situation has increasingly worsened, costing organizations across sectors an estimated $125. 190 billion dollars annually. Exhaustion and stress are everywhere. These staggering numbers draw attention to stark reality. Cuentame’s machine learning platform focuses a lot on the role of stress in the workplace and the high cost of health-related care. With its technology solution, Cuentame enables organizations to act and prevent employee turnover due to burnout. It is designed to inspire and increase engagement in the workplace and promote a culture of proactive prevention to address burnout.

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There are many areas where a lack of psychological care can have indirect economic costs. Organizational costs related to absenteeism, present and turnover. Public and private deficit costs, lost tax revenue from unemployment and underemployment. Today, the focus on investing in mental health continues to gain public and private interest. “We believe that addressing psychological risk factors to prevent and promote an enabling environment in the workplace is now a matter of global commitment. With the increasing need for mental health support from businesses, Quintham is in a position to lead, have market penetration and grow in the Latin america and beyond. Cuentame’s value proposition grows even further as its integration elevates the HR function to become a data-driven organization for talent management.” Nikki Arora, General Partner, CerraCap Cares. “The tangible value of Cuentame aligns with our mission to impact the lives of billions of people with solutions that promise positive impact and create evidence-based change.”

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Cuentame began operations in 2019 and has transformed the experience of more than 64,000 collaborators and their family members in 30 global high-impact organizations. It has impacted reducing key talent turnover by up to 60% and increasing employee well-being in the company by increasing engagement by 40%.

“Our users range from growing startups to multinational corporations. We understand their priorities, and the different backgrounds each person has from a manufacturing plant employee to a technology leader in a company, so we offer a personalized experience for each collaborator, and we offer a variety of mental health tools: Training in soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, time management, meditation, mindfulness, and online psychotherapy with certified psychologists in a safe and necessary environment Regina Athey, founder and CEO of Quintham, explains.

“With its team’s cumulative experience and global ecosystem, combined with its proven sales and volume model with effective and proven risk mitigation techniques, CerraCap Cares has helped portfolio companies in many of the markets they invest in,” said Regina Athey, CEO of Quintham. “We look forward to adding CerraCap Cares to our pool of select investors; and through their partnership, we are sure to promote a more sustainable path.. “

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About CerraCap Care

CerraCap Cares, a women-led impact fund that invests in early-stage, human-centred technologies aimed at reducing inequalities and creating solutions for the environmental triples: environment, education, and empowering individuals and communities. Our core investment thesis is that technology can be the great equalizer that reduces inequality and empowers societies – all while delivering strong financial returns. With a targeted focus on the underprivileged, particularly socio-economically disadvantaged communities, CerraCap Cares is on a mission to unleash the power of technology for good.

About Quintam

Cuentame, a B2B mental wellbeing company based Latin americaFocus on reducing employee turnover and increasing employee engagement by addressing employee depletion in the enterprise world. Through its digital solution, Cuentame empowers companies to drive into the future workspace of alertness and higher engagement. Cuéntame has already made great strides by providing its solution that is accessible to more than one hundred thousand users for the first time in their lives. Quintam is on a mission to eliminate every barrier to mental health globally starting with Latin america. For more information, visit her website:

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