Cathetrix presents new catheter stabiliser at Medica

Cathetrix, a developer of urinary (Foley) smart catheter fixations, presents its new catheter stabilizer for prevention of UTIs and accidental Foley catheter extractions at MEDICA 2021.

Medical device distributors, urologists and healthcare providers are invited to attend live demonstrations at Cathetrix Stand J28 in Hall 16.

Foley/Safe 2.0 prevents catheter loosening and movement to reduce the risk of catheter-related urinary tract infection (UTI). The catheter stabilizer prevents accidental and accidental extraction of the urinary catheter, preventing damage and strictures to the bladder or urethra. Once the Foley catheter has been pulled with a force that could harm the patient, Foley/Safe cuts the sterile fluid tubing and deflates the retention balloon, allowing the catheter to safely slide out.

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Tal Hadass, chief marketing officer at Cathetrix, said: “After many months of development, we are very proud to launch the second version of our catheter stabilizer, which has proven itself in preventing UTIs and accidental extractions from Foley catheters. MEDICA is an excellent opportunity for us to meet potential customers again in person and demonstrate the effectiveness of Foley/Safe 2.0.”

Foley/Safe 2.0 provides two-layer protection for patients with Foley catheters, latex and silicone. The product aims to provide the following benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Stabilize the catheter
  • Prevents excessive movement
  • Easy to fix
  • Prevents accidental removal of the catheter
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  • Saves hospitalization time

Medical studies have shown that 11-17% of all catheters are inadvertently removed and 5% of all urological catheters are pulled out traumatically.

About 25% of all hospitalized patients, as well as bedridden people in hospices and nursing homes, have urinary catheters. Many of these hospitalized patients tend to disconnect their catheter tubing, causing unnecessary pain, injury and an increased risk of damage and infection.

Foley/Safe 2.0 safely prevents operations and expensive hospitalizations. The device is patented and has received US FDA and EU CE Mark approvals.

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