‘Caring’ Walsall mum-of-three died on holiday after suffering from mystery pain for weeks

A Black Country mum-of-three has died on leave after being in mysterious pain for weeks, an inquest has heard. Lucy Broom had been in pain, weight loss, and dehydration in the lead-up to her tragic death.

She was holidaying with her family in Blackpool when she suddenly collapsed and we had to take her to hospital. But the 36-year-old, from Walsall, was seen by a nurse and a doctor in the back of an ambulance due to a shortage of critical care beds.

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Her condition was so serious that she had to be taken to a coronavirus isolation unit – all four of her beds were full – just so doctors could put her on a ventilator. An inquest this week heard how the office manager remained so “disturbed” in the hospital that she ruptured one of her tubes.

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Hospital staff administered maximum glucose in a bid to combat her low blood sugar but the levels were not enough to treat her symptoms and her treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital was discontinued, Lancs Live reports. She died in the early hours of 28 October, according to an inquest on Wednesday (23 November).

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An autopsy gave the cause of death as acute pancreatitis. Gallstones not detected on the CT scan may have contributed to her death.

A mother of three died in hospital

An inquest at Blackpool Town Hall heard that Lucy had been in chronic pain in the weeks leading up to her death. She has seen paramedics in the emergency department at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, but no answers have been found.

Her symptoms included pain, weight loss and dehydration. An ultrasound examination also failed to identify any problems.

The court heard that the results of the additional tests had not been shared with her counsel for two weeks. Victoria Davies, the assistant coroner at Blackpool and Field, said this delayed her referral to a gastroenterologist.

Davies added that there is no evidence that she caused or contributed to her death. There was also no evidence that treatment during her hospital stay contributed to her death.

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Mrs. Broom decides to go on a family trip to Blackpool. She began experiencing excruciating pain and was struggling to speak during her hypoglycaemic episode on October 27th.

North West Ambulance Service paramedics said she was muttering, agitated, and having trouble breathing. Glucose treatment initially improved her condition, but it soon deteriorated.

Paramedics initially suspected she had taken an overdose of paracetamol due to liver problems but this was not proven. She was then transferred to the Covid isolation unit due to a lack of beds.

The experts at the Leeds Liver Unit could also only give advice as they did not have a bed available. Mrs. Broome was not stable enough to be transported.

Her treatment progressed to the maximum tolerated dose but doctors were tragically unable to save her. Evidence from doctors who treated her in the months before her death determined that her gallstones may have contributed to her acute pancreatitis.

But there was no evidence to confirm this, while the CT scans recorded before her trip to Blackpool did not show stones. Her family members – including her husband of 13 years, Kevin – attended the hearing.

An apology was made to them for the delay in performing the CT scan and referring her case to a gastroenterologist. Ms Davies said: “We can’t say that a previous gastroenterologist referral would have saved because there is no evidence of the length of their waiting list or what they would have done.”

Mrs. Broome has been described as “kind, caring and intelligent” and someone who would “do anything for her family”. Mrs Davies recorded a medical cause of death as pancreatitis and a conclusion of natural causes.

Lucy’s funeral notice after her death read: “Dear wife of Kevin, beloved mother of Effy, twins Ted and Nancy, devoted daughter of Gaynor and partner Ivo, Roger and partner Karen, and dear sister Tom, Chloe and Liam. She loved Lucy dearly, and will be sadly missed by her family and friends.”

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