Cardiff City news as details emerge of Peter Whittingham’s failed bid for Southampton and Fulham and ‘will do damage’ to the youngster

Cardiff City news as details emerge of Peter Whittingham's failed bid for Southampton and Fulham and 'will do damage' to the youngster

Here are the Cardiff City news headlines for Friday, September 23rd.

Whittingham lined up for Cardiff as coach

Cardiff City had discussions with Peter Whittingham about returning to the club as coach before his tragic death, according to The Athletic.

The former quarterback, who ended his career at Blackburn Rovers in 2018, passed away in March 2020 at the age of 35.

He had returned to the Welsh capital with his wife Amanda, with whom he had a son with another on the way before his sad death.

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The Athletic reported that Cardiff have held talks with the club legend about returning to the Bluebirds in a coaching capacity, claiming that the Championship club are ready to welcome him back “with open arms”.

James, Whittingham’s brother, told the outlet, “He was a real student of the game and I was telling him he should write a book about tactics, formations and ways to beat opponents’ teams. He was laughing about it.”

The article also highlights the two occasions he nearly left Cardiff. The first was in 2012 when Southampton won promotion to the Premier League. It is said that the Saints offered much higher wages and the opportunity to play in the first division.

Owners Mackay told Whittingham of his importance to the team, and the midfielder certainly helped the Bluebirds move up the following season.

Shortly thereafter, Fulham came from Martin Gaul with Whittingham, but Cardiff fought tooth and nail and stayed with the Bluebirds, cementing his status as an icon for the club.

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To celebrate the life of Whittingham and the launch of the PW7 Foundation, Cardiff will host Aston Villa on November 30 for a commemorative match. If you want to attend the match, you can buy tickets here.

Huge praise for the King from coach Crowe

Crewe assistant coach Alexandra Lee Bell praised Blue Birds youth Eli King, noting his “row on the ball.”

Many thought King, 19, might play a role in the Bluebirds’ first-team this season, but the club felt it was right to send him on loan to the League Two team until at least January, when Cardiff will make a decision on whether to recall him.

King played four times for Crowe and Bale said his class is already clear for all to see.

“He had a calming effect, in terms of what he presents differently than other midfielders,” he was quoted as saying by CheshireLive.

“From the Bradford game, he adapted really well to the tactics we were asking of him, but he also implemented his style of play. You can see that he has the ball well.

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“We are happy with him. He is really a humble kid who wants to improve and works hard. If we can get him a little higher with the ball, I think he will do some real damage.”

King himself appears to be spending time of his life on loan there as well, saying, “I really, really love him. I love playing games and training, it’s a really good group of boys – I mean it. I’m enjoying myself and can’t wait to keep playing.”

“We prepare for each individual match in a very specific way, and that really helps us on the pitch. We all feel ready when we go on the pitch.

“In the matches I’ve played before, we’ve lacked the latter a little bit to get that win. So it was great to get that done. I think we deserved it. We showed we could do it, even when we were tired and had to defend our lives near the end. We’re stuck together.

Four points from the last two positive games, an away draw and a home win, we can’t complain about that. We just have to keep working.”

Bluebirds Announces New Academy President

Cardiff City have appointed Gavin Chesterfield as the new Academy Director.

The Bluebirds were looking for a replacement for David Hughes, who oversaw a successful stint for the Bluebirds youth system before announcing earlier in the summer that he would be leaving for Manchester United’s academy.

Hughes, 44, will join Old Trafford as a professional development stage coach, tasked largely with helping under-21s but also with broader powers throughout the programme.

But when one door closes another opens, and that’s certainly the case for Chesterfield, who built his reputation in player development within the FAW and as a football manager for more than 15 years at Barry Town United.

Chesterfield was also course director for the University of South Wales’s Masters in Football Coaching for Advanced Performance and as coach of the FAW Coaching Coaching course.

Chesterfield, who will start his new job on November 14, said he is excited to help impress Cardiff City’s next generation of stars. Read the full story here.

Mini South Wales Derby Building

Cardiff City’s Under-18 team meets its counterpart in Swansea City on Saturday morning.

Ahead of the weekend’s game, U18s coach Steve Jenkins said: “It was a tough game away from Hull last. The weekend, and that was evident in the preparation this week.

“A lot of guys have been inside the academy for a number of years so they know the importance of this game on Saturday. It’s a game we all look forward to, and all the boys want to get started.

“There will be some disappointing faces from some of the boys who haven’t played in that phase that started 11 years ago, but it just shows how desperate everyone is to play.”

Cardiff will face the Swans at 11am at the Cardiff International Sports Campus on Saturday 24th September.

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