Bristol man ‘works 7 days a week’ but still ‘only eats Pot Noodles’

A 20-year-old shared his daily battle with the cost of living crisis as he struggles to pay his energy bills and feed himself, despite working seven days a week. Ashley Godeau, from Bristol’s Mancroft, lives in a one-bedroom flat with four rescue dogs and four cats and, despite working 10-hour days, can’t afford a pedal bike to get to work.

Ashley walks to his night shift in the dark and lives on pot noodles, as the cheapest meal he can make. Speaking to The Mirror, Ashley said: ‘I shower in the gym because I can’t afford gas to wash at home. I always worry at the end of the month if I’ll have enough money to feed the dogs – but I’ll do it instead of feeding them out. Myself “.

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The factory worker used to be in care, and he left at the age of sixteen. Four years later, he was earning nearly £2,000 a month, but says the cost of bills and food has tripled in the past 12 months.

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He spends more than half of his monthly salary on the essentials — rent, gas, water, internet — and then spends much of his remaining wages on feeding and caring for his pets. This leaves very little to spend on itself.

“I never know at the end of the month if I will have enough to take care of myself and the dogs. It really worries me,” he said. I have a lot of debt and my WiFi and gas have been cut off. I can’t pay for it all. When I am short of food, I worry about when I will have more and pray to God.”

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Ashley relies on the kind donations from Bristol Rescue Animal Center to feed and vaccinate his beloved pets. He visits the Ambition Lawrence Weston Community Center every Wednesday for free vet checkups and to pick up dog beds, cat litter and bags of food.

“Without their donations and food, it wouldn’t be possible. But I don’t want to take too much because some people are worse off than me,” Ashley said. “If the center wasn’t here, I’d have to work two jobs. I’d choose to do that and put the pets first.”

“Now the price of electricity and gas is through the roof, I’m struggling. Even the price of pet food has tripled. I used to spend less than £1,000 on my pets a month, now it’s about £3,000. I only earn £2,000.”

“I used to feed them four times a day, now I feed them twice and buy the supermarket brands. Handing them over to the rescue isn’t an option for me, and I wouldn’t have the heart. I’d rather not feed them myself. I know I can take care of them and I don’t know if anyone can Another give them the same amount of care.”

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Ashley Godot chose to feed his furry family before himself

During pandemic lockdowns, Ashley has taken a total of 12 cats from friends she could no longer take care of. Four of his felines remain with him – Tinkerbell, Messy, Red and Ruby. They joined his four dogs, five-year-old Frenchie Blue Willow, seven-year-old bulldog Dolce and two-year-old bulldog Bruno.

The lifelong animal lover aspires to become a veterinarian one day and says his pets are a lifeline to his mental health and well-being. “I have a bad mental state,” he told The Mirror.

He said, “Earlier in the year, I broke up with my partner and felt suicidal. The dogs helped me carry on and gave me purpose.”

“The government doesn’t see the effects of the cost of living on people. I used to eat two healthy meals a day, now I only eat pasta because it’s all I can really afford. I walk to the gym to take a shower because I can’t afford gas at home to take a shower. It’s ridiculous.” .

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