Brain teaser goes viral asking to find the mistake in a 1-9 number sequence – so how long does it take you to spot it?

Think you’re a smart cookie and have been blessed with 20/20 vision? Well, this brain teaser is just for you – and thousands of people have failed it so far.

The image in question asks you to identify the error in a numerical sequence of 1-9 and has since taken TikTok by storm.


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This brain teaser has been making everyone crazy – did you notice the mistake?credit: tiktok/@houseofhighlights
The two women did not discover the answer


The two women did not discover the answercredit: tiktok/@houseofhighlights

Among those who attempted to solve the mystery were two women believed to be from the United States.

The piece of paper, shown in the clip that has now gone viral, shows text on it: `Can you spot the error? “

Then, all in different colors of the rainbow, are the numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

It’s that simple – no math, no counting, no spelling – so how long did it take you to find the error?

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In the video, the two women read the sentence over and over and then carefully followed the sequence.

However, as expected, the numbers seemed to be correct.

Perhaps, they wondered, “wrong” had been misspelled—but to their surprise, the word was spelled as it should be.

Someone asked, “Is it about color?”

”Is it related to the fact that there are two types of greens?”

“Because this is red, orange, green, green…?”

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Resolutely, the duo kept going – but no matter what combinations they thought of, the bug remained exposed.

“This will kill you guys when you find out,” the man in the background laughed.

Another option, at the discretion of the two women, is to have the word “false” written in a thicker font compared to the rest of the sentence.

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At some point, they were sure that nothing was wrong on paper and the guy had simply been messing with them all this time.

However, they were never able to figure out what was wrong, as the video ended – just like the duo, social media users were baffled.

Turns out, it was “the” in the first sentence — and many admitted they had to jump into the comments to find out the answer.

“It took me longer than I’d like to admit, I’m tired,” wrote one.

Another added: “I had a go for a minute.”

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“Funny how the brain automatically corrects things like this! I found it but it sure took me a bit,” commented a third.

So how long did it take? Let us know.

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