Boris Johnson and Liz Truss in planning rebellion challenge to Rishi Sunak

The latest rebellion looks set to be even more dangerous – not only because it has attracted the support of two former prime ministers, but because it is believed Labor is more likely to support measures to boost wild winds.

By Thursday night, a total of 18 Conservative MPs had signed the amendment.

And Michael Gove, the current settlement trustee, is calling for a review of the national planning policy framework to allow councils to award new onshore wind applications.

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The amendment would also mandate an amendment of the Town and Country Planning Code to allow the installation of “new coastal wind sites not previously used for wind power generation or for the restart of existing onshore wind applications.”

Onshore winds are a central issue for the Conservatives.

Complaints of the population in the built-up areas, often conservative rural residents, prompted the party leadership to take a critical stance.

In 2014 David Cameron said the public was “tired” of the Turbines and promised not to support them if the Conservatives won the next general election.

The governors’ statement for 2019 notes wind growth offshore, but not onshore.

Boris Johnson ‘almost served in Les Truss’ government

News of the rebellion — just a month after Sunak entered No. 10 — comes as a new book by journalist Sebastian Payne, The Downfall of Boris Johnson, claims Johnson almost served in the Truss government as foreign secretary.

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Payne revealed that Ms Truss met the former prime minister twice during this summer’s leadership contest.

The two also spoke on the phone in the last week of July – when Johnson was still prime minister – practically discussing a job swap should she win the contest.

I suggested he could return to the State Department, where he served from 2016 to 2018, to focus on the war in Ukraine. But in the end, the couple decided that such an arrangement would be too complicated.

Mrs Truss and Mr Johnson also had breakfast at Johnson’s Downing Street flat on 29 July.

He gave her a lot of “good advice”, her allies said, and it was followed by a subsequent visit to Checkers with political thoughts on the campaign.

The book revealed that no such invitations were directed to Mr. Sunak.

Mr Sunak and Truss were asked repeatedly during the leadership campaign if they would offer Johnson a position in their cabinet.

In one debate Ms Truss said: “I highly doubt he will not desire a future role in government, he needs a well-earned break.

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“I am sure he will have a role, I am sure he will be vocal but he will not be part of the government.”

Mr Sunak said: “The simple answer for me is no. We need to look to that point, we need to bring about the change that people need.”

Despite their discussions about a job offer, earlier this week Johnson compared Truss’ mini-budget to a poorly played piano, a reference to a Morecambe and Wise sketch.

The Telegraph can also reveal that Ms Truss plans to run in the upcoming election to continue her career as a Conservative MP despite being knocked out at number 10, according to former aides.

It is understood that Ms Truss refused to follow the lead taken by Sir Tony Blair and Mr Cameron, who quickly left Parliament after announcing their resignation.

Instead, Truss is seeking a job after finishing 10th in line with Theresa May, who continues to speak regularly in the House of Commons five years after stepping down as prime minister.

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