Best toys and gadgets for kids 2022 from Lego to Scalextric

Best toys and gadgets for kids 2022 from Lego to Scalextric

Whatever age you want to play with (Image: Lego / Scalextric /

This year, the games are taking a journey down memory lane with plenty of nostalgic favorites set in 2022.

Lego and Super Mario unite, Scalextric has made a little Knight Rider, and all your favorite board games are now on a touchscreen table.

But there are also some more recent inventions, from the wake-up mouse for young children to the space age clock that can do just about anything.

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Plus you can even try making your own hybrid car engine – complete with over 100 parts to assemble. Sounds easy…right?

LEGO Super Mario 64 Block Question Mark

LEGO Super Mario 64 Block Question Mark

Super Mario and Lego? It’s the nostalgic festival we’ve been waiting for (Image: LEGO)

The wonderful worlds of Super Mario and Lego collide in this old school run down memory lane.

Beneath that iconic 2,064-piece exterior, you’ll find microfig-sized scenes from Super Mario 64, including Bob-omb Battlefield and Peach’s Castle.

Buy for £149.99 from Lego.

Infinity game table

Infinity game table

All your favorite board games are one touch away (Photo: Megan Thompson)

Bringing board games into the 21st century, this great game offers versions of touchscreen classics, including Hungry Hungry Hippos, Snakes and Ladders, and Monopoly.

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With the introduction of wi-fi, you can now quarrel with your family in person and online

Buy for £899 from Game.

Instant Camera Photo Creator

Instant Camera Photo Creator

Instant prints with lots of creativity (photo: attached)

This compact camera delivers instant prints at little fingertips, with over 20 filters/effects, video recording, a shutter timer for group shots and a selfie lens.

For a more personalized touch, markers and stickers can be found in the box.

Buy for £69.99 from Amazon.

Build your own pinball machine

Build your own pinball machine

Forget about arcade machines and digital games, this handmade version is made of cardboard (Photo: DIY)

Made almost entirely of cardboard, this eco-friendly and handcrafted game takes one of the oldest traditional arcade games and provides hours of tabletop entertainment, while helping you do your part for the planet.

Buy for £19.99 from Build Your Own.

Scalextric Knight Rider – KITT

Scalextric Knight Rider - KITT

The iconic car had a little makeover for its 40th birthday (Image: Scalextric)

One of the most iconic fantasy cars on the planet gets a miniature car makeover in its 40th birthday slot.

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She may not speak, but it comes with a strong red light and loads of nostalgia.

Buy for £53.99 from Scalextric UK.

Interactive Balloon Squeaky Dino

Interactive Balloon Squeaky Dino

We don’t remember the balloon animals were that cute (Image: Supplied)

Half balloon, half prehistoric monster, this dino-flavored follow up to the famous balloon dog brings with it even more interaction in the form of chomping, growling, and dancing jobs, to join in the fake balloon fun.

Buy for £24.99 from Argos.

Spacetalk Adventurer . watch

Spacetalk Adventurer . watch

Fun and Freedom for Kids, Safety of Parents (Photo: Spacetalk)

With 4G technology, GPS tracking, camera, SOS, pre-approved contacts, and School Mode to eliminate distractions, this all-in-one watch gives kids the freedom they crave and parents the peace of mind they so desperately want.

Buy for £159 (+ £3.99 per month) from Amazon.

Fisher-Price Meditation Mouse

Fisher-Price Meditation Mouse

Even the little ones can focus on their health (Image: Supplied)

This cute and cuddly creature introduces little ones into the waking world, providing guided meditations for the day, while encouraging them to have an “Om” before bed for a more relaxing sleep environment.

Buy for £29 from Amazon.

Hybrid engine by works machine

Hybrid engine by works machine

Ages 10 and up can give this engineering experience a try (Image: attached)

Have you ever wondered how hybrid cars work? Now you can build your own mini drive.

If you accept the challenge, you have 100 parts to assemble with the help of this very detailed instruction manual.

Buy £39 from Menkind.

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