Ben Simmons slams Philadelphia 76ers for ‘not helping’ during mental health struggles

Ben Simmons left the 76ers in February 2022

Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons called out his former Philadelphia 76ers for ‘not supporting him’ as he struggled mentally, when the Australian was ‘not feeling himself’

Ben Simmons left the 76ers in February 2022

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons criticized the organization for “not helping it” when he was mentally low.

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Simmons is now a member of the Brooklyn Nets after being traded in February 2022, although due to a back injury he has yet to appear in the NBA. The Australian asked to be traded at the end of the 2020/21 season, and did not appear in the following pre-season, but rather put his Philadelphia home on the market.

However, he was not allowed to leave, and Simmons was repeatedly fined for his absence from games until it was revealed that it was due to his mental suffering. Simmons finally spoke about his dramatic final season in Philadelphia, calling the 76ers “not to help.”

The 26-year-old appeared on The Old Man & The Three podcast, hosted by former 76ers teammate JJ Redick, and opened up about his struggles. “I was in such a bad place where I was like, f***, trying to get here and you guys are throwing all this other stuff in my face where it’s no help.

“And that’s all I wanted, was help. I didn’t feel like I got it from the coaches or my teammates. I wouldn’t say all of my teammates, because there are great people on this team that they connect with and they’re still my friends but I didn’t feel like I got that, and it was just A difficult place for me.”

During the height of Simmons’ struggles, he was kicked out of training, and coach Doc Rivers called him a “distraction” to the other players before the cause of his behavior was found out. Simmons talked about this, too, saying, “I actually spoke to Doc before the workout. I was like, ‘Doctor, I’m not ready.’ Mentally, I’m not ready. Please just understand that.

“I tried telling him beforehand, and he’d say, ‘Okay, I’ll put you down anyway. I’m like, ‘Okay.’ He asked me to come in. I looked at him. It was like a minute into training, like, ‘Ben, get in.’

“I, first of all, nobody does that. You do it on purpose. And that’s how I felt too. Everyone seems to be trying to deal with me now. I’ve been fined for not lifting weights, but physically I’m one of the strongest f-team guys *** ing.

“So now they’re fining me for little things. It was just building. I obviously didn’t handle things the right way, but, well, the team didn’t either, and the people with that strength.” Simmons ended up becoming the most fined player in history The NBA, although once opened the fines quickly stopped.

Simmons thought his nightmare situation was finally over when he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in February 2022. The Australian moved in with Andre Drummond and Seth Curry and two future first-round picks while 76ers picked James Harden and Paul Millsap. .

But his tough time continued, this time with physical obstacles in his path. Simmons was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back and was disqualified for the remainder of the regular season. But just when he thought he would be back for the play-off matches, he received a setback, and later underwent surgery to fix the problem.

Simmons eagerly awaits his Nets arc, and will be keen to recover after a difficult 18-month period. The NBA begins October 18, and Simmons has been working hard through the summer.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been contacted for comment.

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