Behind-the-scenes news on Gabi Sapolsky’s WWE status

Behind-the-scenes news on Gabi Sapolsky's WWE status

Sapolsky later found its Dragon Gate affiliate promotion, Dragon Gate USA, and later independent promotion EVOLVE, which will run from 2009 to 2020, when it closed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through EVOLVE, Sapolsky got involved in WWE, initially working as a consultant before later becoming a creative member. His association with WWE led to EVOLVE becoming a cult promotion for WWE, with EVOLVE talents like Matt Riddle later making the leap to WWE. He will be released from WWE in January of this year, and since then has been largely focused on working in the NFT field.

Sapolsky’s run with EVOLVE has been controversial, with some fans accusing him of betraying independent wrestling over his WWE affiliation, while former EVOLVE stars, including disgraced wrestler David Starr, will accuse Sapolsky of not paying wrestlers. He will also be accused of using burner accounts to attack wrestlers and fans online, something Sapolsky later denies.

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